How do you take an Accelerated Reader test online at home?

You will have to contact your school district - Each one has it's own hosting facilities.
We can not tell you where to log on, what website to go to, how to download necessary software, and you will not find any answers to any tests either.

Schools that use Renaissance Place™ with the Accelerated Reader™ Enterprise Edition, you will have access to Home Connect. Schools or districts can grant access to Home Connect by sending a letter generated through the Home Connect tab in Renaissance Place, which contains the necessary login information. Home Connect allows students and their families to log in from home to monitor Accelerated Reader progress.

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  • AR tests are only at elementary schools.
  • You can only take the test with a teacher you will also need to have your teacher do it with you
  • According to Renaissance Learning customer service, they do not make these test available to homeschoolers. They explained that it had to do with the pricing being geared towards the school system. They may be reached at (800) 338-4204.
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What is an easy Accelerated Reader test to take?

Island of the Blue Dolphins. Here are the answers.1.)Captain Orlov told Karana's father that his men wished to ---. camp on the island while they hunted for sea otter 2.)Why (MORE)

How can you take an Accelerated Reader test online?

First, you have to be a student in dps.Second, if that school has Renaissance place you can take it.Third, go to Renaissance place and sign in.Once you have logged in you must (MORE)

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How do you take an Accelerated Reader test at home and record it at school?

When your at home you cannot take an AR Test on the weekends and you can only take them between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. You don't have to download anything to take it (MORE)
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Cheats for Accelerated Reader tests?

instead of cheating you should just go and read a suitable book that is an accelerated reader book and a book that you want to read.
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