How do you take credit card off of Xbox live account?

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the only way is to call Xbox's help line. Just as a warning though, Cancel your account means delete it, just tell them that you want to downgrade to a silver account at the time of the next payment instead of recurring payment.

they will try almost ANYTHING to keep you on though, so be ready.

Google it first please :D


If you have a PC, you can remove your credit card information yourself. First, get Microsoft Live Games for PC. Then, download Tinker (a Free for PC game for the Live network). When installing the game, make sure you use the same account you used for your XBox 360 to activate Tinker.

Now, go to your account settings. You can change or even delete your credit card information there. It will not affect any of you XBox Live settings, or XBox 360 Gold subscription, it only removes you credit card information.
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Can you take your credit card off of xbox live?

Yes. To transfer your services and balances to a new payment method, follow these steps: . Sign in to the Billing and Account Management website. https://billing.micro

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