How do you take my ipod nano's case off?

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1.) Get a guitar pick.

2.) Stick the pick in the side of the case.

3.) Swipe the pick slowly through the side of the case.

4.) The case should now be loose.

5.) Remove the ipod from the case.

6.) Enjoy!
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How do you take songs off your iPod?

Plug your iPod into your computer and open iTunes. Let it sync so that all the songs are the same. Then, when it's all done syncing, find the song you want to take off your iPod and uncheck it on the left side of your library. You will have to re-sync your iPod after this to make these new changes. (MORE)

How do you take movies off an iPod?

Go to your itunes library uncheck the movie you want to delete then sync your ipod the movie will delete of the ipod but still remain in your library.

How do you take your iPhone case off?

You mean the actual back?. Sorry, you really can't. I guess that you could try to pry it off if you want to, but that would probably break it.. In fact, you have to pay a large fee just to get the battery replaced if it gets worn out. Umm you dont unless you want to break it.

How do you take songs off of your iPod?

You will need to go to itunes and delete your songs from there. Highlight the song and press the delete button. I am pretty sure u cannot delete it frum the ipod itself. this method deletes the songs from your computer if its jailbroken you can get ifile and manly delete the songs if not go to (MORE)

How do you take the case off the computer?

Im having that same prob. I can get the bottom off easily but the top is SUPER stubborn. You can slide a credit card under neath the tabs. That seemed to work for other people even though that didnt work for me. What kind of computer? I have a macbook pro and that is hard. Depends wat kind of comput (MORE)

Take songs off iPod to PC?

Well, if you're using an actual iPod, I'm afraid you're already out of luck, iTunes does not allow you to sych songs from your iPod to your iTunes library or Computer, only vice versa, this is a feature iTunes does not allow to prevent pirating of illegal downloaded music.

How do you take pictures off of MySpace and put them on your ipod?

If you are looking for a simple solution to d/l all pictures from Myspace, I am afraid at this point there is none, you'll have to follow the below procedure until Myspace updates their system to have the capabilities to d/l all acct info like Facebook and Google+ has. .... This is why Myspace is no (MORE)

How do you take music off your iPod?

you go to itunes, u click on your playlists, not the ipod songs, and u right-mouse click and select delete. wait for your ipod to sync before disconnecting the ipod

How do you get silly putty off an ipod case?

you can freeze the case not the iPod for 2 reasons will have to wait a few days to play it might freeze the screen and the iPod wont sense your fingers. Freeze the case and voila! its off

Can you take off iPod skins?

Yes most protective skins can be removed easily from your iPod.Take it off slowly and you should be able to put it back on if that's what you want to do.Most do not leave a sticky residue.So hope that helps protective skins are a must have to keep your gadgets looking great.

How do you take off photos from a 8gb ipod touch?

If you mean delete the application there is no possible way. \n. \nThough, deleting pictures is possible, when you click on a picture, there will be a bar at the bottom with four icons (export, last picture, next picture, and delete in that order) just click the little trashcan and the picture will (MORE)

How do you take screen lock off your ipod?

on top of your ipod there should be a switch. if you see orange the screen lock is on. just move the switch and it should cover the orange and the screen lock is off. hope this helped

How do you take camera videos off iPod Nano?

I just got my Nano. DON'T download extra software, it doesn't eventake iTunes (except a simple check) Here's how you do it... 1. Go to iTunes with the iPod plugged in and make sure the 'Enabledisk use' box is ticked. 2. Go to 'My Computer', then go into your iPod, once inside clickon the DCIM folder (MORE)

How do you get a case off your iPod?

If it is the silicone case, you can just stretch it just enough to get it around the edge of the iPod and take it off from there. If it is a hard case, then there should be a point where it comes apart into two pieces.

How do you take off a password on a ipod?

Go into the Settings app on your iPod... Click general --> passcode lock --> enter your password You should now have the ability to turn the password on and change it etc. Hope this helped!! ;)

How do you get an ipod touch case off?

A flexible, silicone case can be stretched of from the top and the iPod can be slid out. A hard case usually has a break point (seam line) where you can snap the two hard pieces off from each other. It really depends on the case you are using, especially if it is a custom case.

How do you take games off your ipod?

What u have to do is u have to hold on a app for a while and it will start buzzing and then u go to the app u want to delete and press the x beton and then the will say r u sure u want to delete this app and u press OK :D

How do you take things off your iPod if you puchased them on your iPod?

1. plug in your ipod. 2. open itunes. 3. make sure you have a copy of your movie in library. 4. check the copy of your movie in your library. 5. simply delete the copy in your ipod library. 6. double check that your movie is still in your home library. hope this was helpful! first i ha (MORE)

Can you take photos off an ipod 4.1?

Yes! You go to your photos, click the one(s) you dont want and click the trash can on the bottom right corner. Then it says delete photo or cancel? Click delete photo of corse!! Hope this helps! :)

How do you take videos off an ipod touch?

Use your index finger, locate the video , hold down your finger until it turns white, tAke your index finger from your other hand and press the "any key" on te keyboard. May take a few attempts for your iPod to recognize you as a USB cable.

How do you take off internet from ipod?

Assuming, by internet, you mean Safari, you can't. If you mean you want to disable wireless communications to the internet on the iPod, I don't think you can do that either. Turning off your router would be an easier solution.