How do you take something off a playlist on itunes?

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Simply select that song and press the delete button on your keyboard.
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How do you delete LimeWire playlist on iTunes?

Getting rid of the limewire playlist . I had this same problem, and it's easy to fix. While in itunes, click edit, then scroll down to preferences, and click on that. Whe

How do you sort your iTunes playlist?

If you mean by album, artist, genre etc...all you have to do is click on the top bar that says "Name,Artist, Album, Genre, Rating, Play Count, Last Played" Which ever one you

In iTunes how do you move songs in a playlist?

1) If you are looking to change the ordering of the songs within a playlist: First you must be sure that shuffle is off. If the shuffle feature is on, you will not be able to

Does genusis playlists on iTunes cost?

No genius is used to take one song on your itunes then it takes songs similar to that and creates a playlist based on songs YOU have in YOUR library. BUT it can create suggest

How do you add playlists to iTunes from LimeWire?

LIMEWIRE IS ILLEAGLE and its a file sharing program..... it means they can conceal a virus in a file......... But as my friends have it ( much to my distaste) It

How do you get music onto an iTunes playlist?

Having created a new Playlist in the left hand column you can click on a music title from your library listed in the main window on the right and drag it onto the new playlist
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How to create playlist in itunes?

1 Open iTunes. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can do so on Apple's website for free. 2 Find the list of currently created playlists on the left side of your program.
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How do you create a music playlist on iTunes?

There are several ways to create a playlist of songs and music through iTunes. The easiest way is to have the library imported then select the tracks for a single playlist.
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How does one create a playlist in iTunes?

According to the Apple website, in order to create a playlist in iTunes, one must view their library and click on "Playlists". Then, click the "Add" button, which should be a