How do you take something off a playlist on itunes?

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Simply select that song and press the delete button on your keyboard.
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How do you delete LimeWire playlist on iTunes?

Getting rid of the limewire playlist . I had this same problem, and it's easy to fix. While in itunes, click edit, then scroll down to preferences, and click on that. When that box opens up, go to the section marked "sharing", and just unclick the little box that says "look for shared music." A (MORE)

How can you upload your ipod playlist back to iTunes?

It can be done this way: Connect your ipod to the computer and you will immediately get an alert come up on the computer which should read: "itunes has detected songs not in the library, do you want to transfer these songs to the itunes library?" (something along those lines....) to which (MORE)

How do you put music on iTunes from project playlist?

It is actually really easy. . I had the same question too, so don't feel bad. . You can't import it to iTunes, but you can import it to Windows Media Player by clicking on the link on the right side of the screen. Then you make a CD, which is able to be imported to iTunes.

How do you make a playlist on iTunes?

To make a playlist on itunes you have to click on the plus sign that is in the bottom left hand corner. Then name that playlist with your name or whatever... To get only your music on your playlist you have to buy music and then drag it from your library and let it go when it is over your playlist n (MORE)

Did iTunes take The Simpsons Movie off iTunes?

They did, however it was due exclusive showing agreements. The movie company can make more money by selling it to TV stations making sure that the only place we can watch it (without the DVD) is when they show it. It's all about the money after all. Although what's to say if they didn't sell it o (MORE)

How do you sort your iTunes playlist?

If you mean by album, artist, genre etc...all you have to do is click on the top bar that says "Name,Artist, Album, Genre, Rating, Play Count, Last Played" Which ever one you want them to be listed by just click on it and it should be blue.

In iTunes how do you move songs in a playlist?

1) If you are looking to change the ordering of the songs within a playlist: First you must be sure that shuffle is off. If the shuffle feature is on, you will not be able to rearrange your tracks. Once shuffle is off, simply select the song you would like to move and drag it to the desired position (MORE)

Why won't iTunes load playlists from Media player?

The Windows Media Player and iTunes use different formats for their playlists. Depending on which version of Media Player you have you can save your playlist as an .m3u file type and then import that into iTunes using the menus - File/Library/Import playlists

Does genusis playlists on iTunes cost?

No genius is used to take one song on your itunes then it takes songs similar to that and creates a playlist based on songs YOU have in YOUR library. BUT it can create suggestions for you to purchase off itunes.

How do you transfer music and playlists from an iPhone to iTunes?

Actually, there are several ways to transfer iPhone music to iTunes. The best way I know is to use a third-party app such as this one ( if you run a PC or this one ( if you are on Mac. You will find further info on this interesting blog: http://ipodtocomputer.blogs (MORE)

What will happen if you delete a playlist from iTunes?

"Well, of course it will be deleted, and if you go to download things on your iPod, when you check your iPod the playlist you deleted will not show up." yes it will delete and when you sync your iPod, the playlist will disappear from itsongs will NOT be deleted

Itunes is not letting me change the order of my songs on a playlist. What can I do?

I don't understand some of what the other suggestions are saying but, Here is what I did: With your mis-ordered or locked playlist in view, at the top of you iTunes to the right it should say: " View...Add to..." Click the "Add to" button, your "album" grid should open with your playlist to the (MORE)

How do I add my music from my playlist on Itunes to Windows Movie Maker?

Because iTunes purchased music and video has DRM copyright protection, you have to remove the DRM at first, before you can convert/edit the audio or import it into Windows Movie Maker. In order to play it on non-apple mp3/mp4 players, you need to remove the DRM and convert the protected music t (MORE)

ITunes playlists non-alphabetically?

To change the listing order of a playlist in iTunes right click on each track and select Get Info. Click on the Sorting button and enter the name you want to use for sorting into the Sort Name box. Ideally you would fill in this information when first adding the tracks to your library.

How do you clear playlist off an ipod?

You connect your ipod to your computer and open itunes. then you go to "my devices" on the left and go to the thing where you choose playlists and uncheck the one

Can you take music off grooveshark and put it on itunes?

Yes very easily actually! Download a program called "Charles Web Proxy". I believe there is also a plugin for firefox. Once you've got Charles simple run it. Charles is a program that will list all internet activity happening to your computer. It also gives you the ability to save any file that gets (MORE)

In iTunes how do you add a song to a playlist?

After adding/creating the playlist, drag and drop the song you wish to add over to the playlist shown on the left. Alternatively, you can right-click the song, and choose add to playlist. Then you mouse over to which playlist you want to add it to.

What happens if you buy something off itunes but you dont have enough money?

tbh, i thought it would just deduct the next time that u put money in, but it didnt! i was like 2 dolalrs off and i clicked just 2 see wut it wud say but it bought it! just now i bought a 10 dollar album for with $2 so I'll see what happens when i put more money in, but so far i think it doesnt d (MORE)

How do you add playlists to iTunes from LimeWire?

LIMEWIRE IS ILLEAGLE and its a file sharing program..... it means they can conceal a virus in a file......... But as my friends have it ( much to my distaste) It should automatically appear try getting a newer version or iTunes has blocked it ( YIPPEE )

How do you get your store iTunes password off of iTunes?

click on 'Forgot Password?' next to the place where you type in your password. After you verify your email, you have a choice of getting an email authentication, or you can answers a security question (one that you made up when you first set up the account)

How do you put an iTunes playlist on an SD card?

Put the sd card into the slot in your computer. When it pops up,open the folder to where you can see everything on the card. Then,open up iTunes and drag the playlist into the sd card folder

Can you have more than one playlist on iTunes?

Yes. Click on "File" and "New Playlist," and a new playlist will appear on the left of your screen, under the section "Playlists." However, all playlists must be built from the iTunes library, which is a catalogue of all your music.

How do you delete your songs off your myspace playlists?

Log on, go to "my profile" and go down to where it says "my playlists" click on it. Your playlist will be there and under the title you'll see an edit button. Click on it and you will be directed to another page. In the info column next you the song you want to delete, there will be an "i" put your (MORE)

How do you transfer songs on your playlist to your iTunes libraby?

How to completely transfer your iTunes-library: A brief on the world "Top of the iPhone Some time ago I decided for myself that after the New Year looking to buy a laptop instead of an ordinary desktop computer. In this connection, I wondered for a very important question: how can I move to a new c (MORE)

How do you delete songs from itunes library but save them on your playlist?

To save a song on your playlist, you have to create one. Go to music on your ipod, than click "Playlists" and it will say "Add playlist" (ipod touch version 4.2 or higher required). Then name your playlist and touch a song to add then click "Done" To delete a song from your itunes library, is to rig (MORE)

How to create playlist in itunes?

1 Open iTunes. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can do so on Apple's website for free. 2 Find the list of currently created playlists on the left side of your program. They should be listed downwards in a gray shaded bar that runs top to bottom on the left side of the program window 3 Cli (MORE)

How do you create a music playlist on iTunes?

There are several ways to create a playlist of songs and music through iTunes. The easiest way is to have the library imported then select the tracks for a single playlist. Sync the device with iTunes. From the device, like an iPod Touch, a playlist can be created using the On The Go feature.

How does one create a playlist in iTunes?

According to the Apple website, in order to create a playlist in iTunes, one must view their library and click on "Playlists". Then, click the "Add" button, which should be at the bottom, and then select "New Playlist". Finally, drag the desired songs into the playlist.