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How do you teach a baby to walk?

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Babies, like big people, learn by repetition. So encourage the baby to walk on his feet(you may want to hold his/her hand). Or buy a stroller that the baby can push around and walk behind.
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How do you teach a puppy to walk on a lead?

By consistently repeating and correcting what you want him to do. Reward him when he does what you want by playing with him with something he likes (i.e. ball) (not food).

How do you teach your toddler to walk?

Heyy  I found a good way is to get them to grip a finger on each hand and pull them up, so their feet are on the ground and in a virtual standing position with their arms up

How do you teach your baby how to talk on baby pals?

  god nos i cant do it either try talking to it it worked for me but shes not talking properly yet :]   god nos i cant do it either try talking to it it worked for me b

Does the baby grow into a kid after you teach it to walk on sims 3?

  No,But If You Want Your Sim To Grow Faster Buy A Birthday Cake From Buy Mode & Click The Last Tab And Click On The Ball Then Buy It And Put It On A Table And Click on Th

Why does doodle's brother teach him how to walk?

Doodle's brother teaches him to walk because he is ashamed to have a brother who is physically handicapped and because he wants to have a brother he can run, play and swim wit

Can you teach a horse to walk by leading it?

A horse probably already knows how to walk before you halter break and teach him to lead. But it is important to have a horse that will walk quietly and safely by your side as

How do I get my baby to walk?

All babies walk on their own schedule, so just be patient, he or she will walk when they are ready. Normal range is about 10 - 18 months.
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How do you teach your baby something on babydow?

if you're asking how to fill their growth bars, then it's simple, you play, feed and bathe them. If you want to know how to get really brilliant growths, then follow CATHYSWOE
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Why baby can not walk?

In my point of view it's because their bones aren't fully delvelpoed as we have.. so that's why and they are not formed..even know for a 16 year old person will still have som