How do you tell a teenager she's pregnant?

My mother randomly told me to take a pee test when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I hid it very well since it was a cold season. But she was doing her monthly drug test and just dec (MORE)

How do you tell if your teenager is a narcissist or just a teenager?

Since they are still teenagers, which are by definition rather selfish, it may be better not to write him off as a narcissist just yet, let him mature, and work through his pr (MORE)

How do you tell if a teenage boy is gay?

There is no easy way of knowing, for everyone is different. Thebest way is to ask him, if you and he have an atmosphere of trust.If you have shown that you do not discriminate (MORE)
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How can you tell if a teenage girl likes you?

it depends on the girl but most of my friends either : laugh all the time when he is talking even if its not something funny he is saying cant look him directly in the ey (MORE)

How can you tell if your teenager is depressed?

There are several signs of depression to look out for in your teenager: Anhedonia- the inability to derive from things they once enjoyed Sleep disturbances- insomnia or e (MORE)