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How do you tell between real mauri sneakers and fake mauri sneakers?

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on the inside tag it should say usp not t something
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What are sneakers?

Shoes that you wear while playing sports. They help take the pressure off your feet and make you feel bouncier than average shoes.

How can you tell if gucci sneakers are real?

  take the sole out of the shoe..and if you see the flawless unfaded gucci print inside the shoes might be real..my aim is vbigc69...instant message me and i can probably

How can you tell if Gucci sneakers are real or fake?

  One hint is that they should be made in Italy. If you contact the actual manufacture they will often help you verify as well.

How do you tell if Jordan sneakers are fake?

1. Check the shape of the overall shoe (toe box, heel, midsole). 2.Make sure the material is correct. 3. Jordan Brand uses brown paperin their boxes or a special edition paper

Fake Prada sneakers?

fake If the sole is glued to the shoe and cant tke it if its is real if you can take them out Fake if it doesnt say prada on the sole fake if it says made in the usa canada o

How do you know if coach sneakers are fake?

  usually there will be a tag on it that says it was inspected by someone or you can try to ask the store you bought it from. for example if you got them from wal-mart the

How can you tell if sneaker website are real?

  if the prices are really too cheap how long is the postage ?? too long FAKE (over 4 business days)   thanks too all you out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the maury show fake?

maybe they do bring some fake people on there but i know for a fact that at least some of those are real. my cousin went on there to test to see if her kids were her husbands.