How do you tell which form of the past participle should be used in passe compose?

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"Etre" is used for any motion verb (use the "Dr./Mrs. P. Vandertramp" trick to remember motion verbs) and any reflexive verbs.

All other verbs use "avoir" as the past participle.
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When should you use the past participle and when should you use the base form of a verb?

Answer . When the action happened in the past, then you use the past participle.. "I threw the ball" or "I watched the play.". The base form of the verb is used when the

How do form the past and past participle?

You form the past tense of regular verbs by adding -ed. The past tense of regular verbs is also the same form used for the past participle. Irregular verbs don't add -ed to

Why do you use run or come in the past participle form?

To create the past, present, and future perfect tense as well as conditionals. Past perfect : Had run & had come Present perfect : Have/has run & have/has come Futur