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How do you tie-dye a black shirt?

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Take the black shirt, and using bleach- bleach the parts you would like to tye-dye-let the bleach sit for 24 hours the using regular colored dye-dye t the bleached parts of the shirt
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How do you tie dye a shirt?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nhere are the few steps to tiedying a shirt:\n. \n1: get WHITE shirt.\n. \n2:take rubber bands and wrap them on parts of shirt.\n. \n3:dip in

How do you tie dye a black shirt?

You can not dye black material.. However, you can remove some of the dye of a black cotton garment using bleach or a product known as Discharge Paste. Then you can tie dye or

How do you tie-dye a shirt?

OK here are the steps, 1.find a white shirt 2.take hair ties and crunch it all up them 3.take paint (your color choices) 4.put paint in squeezer things... 5.squeeze

What is a tie dye shirt?

A tie dye shirt is a shirt that is covered with random bursts ofcolor. It get's its name because it began by tying a shirt intomultiple sections and then randomly dipping it i

How do you dye a shirt black?

First, be sure it is a solid color, with no contrasting stains or grease spots. These show up as stains in the black. If the fabric has a contrasting print or has dye stains

What to wear with a tie-dye shirt?

Its easy! All you have to wear is really depending on you!! if you are lazy... sweats are cozy and if your active... black or white basketball pants are great! What i wear wit

How do you tie dye a tee shirt?

Start with a clean t-shirt in a material, like cotton, that will take the dye well. . Read the directions on the dye. It will likely recommend a presoak that will prepare th

How do you tie a shirt for tie dye?

To tie a spiral pattern tie dye first lay a washed shirt flat on the table grab it in the middle with two fingers and twist in a circle and keep the shirt from getting too bun