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How do you tie-dye a black shirt?

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Take the black shirt, and using bleach- bleach the parts you would like to tye-dye-let the bleach sit for 24 hours the using regular colored dye-dye t the bleached parts of the shirt
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What is the easiest way to tie dye a shirt?

just rubberband it but it has to be lite colored then take die and put it in scwirt bottle and spray then put in zeplock baggy and get all the air out and leave it set for 24

How does black pants and black shirt and black and white tie work for men?

depends where your going but if its formal then it works Good answer---^, but this outfit can fixed up a small bit... Add a white belt, white Air Forces, black and white Yanke

Does a gray suit black shirt and black tie go with a lime green dress?

  I'd be wary about pairing the grey suit with black-on-black, a combo that I usually favor. Black and green (or grey and green, for that matter) work perfectly well toget

What do you do after you tie-dye a shirt?

After you tie-dye a shirt you need to wash out the loose dye that didn't fix to the shirt. Hopefully you used "reactive type" dyes which are permanent on cotton if used correc

How do you dye a shirt black?

First, be sure it is a solid color, with no contrasting stains or grease spots. These show up as stains in the black.    If the fabric has a contrasting print or has d

What color tie to wear with black suit with white shirt?

It depends on a occasion, if it's a formal meeting, wear a black tie - you'll appear serious. For wedding, this can also suit you, alternatively, a very good but sometimes r

What to wear with a tie-dye shirt?

Its easy! All you have to wear is really depending on you!! if you are lazy... sweats are cozy and if your active... black or white basketball pants are great! What i wear wit

How do you tie dye a black shirt?

You can not dye black material.   However, you can remove some of the dye of a black cotton garment using bleach or a product known as Discharge Paste. Then you can tie dye

How do you wash a tie-dye shirt?

  Tie-dye uses fiber-reactive dyes, where the color sort of fuses with the actual fiber of the material (why almost all tie-dye you see is on cotton, natural fibers play n

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