How do you trade in Pokemon GO?

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The trading feature is not yet available, as the game is still in early open beta. The feature is expected to become available as game updates are released.
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Where do you go to trade with Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Emerald?

You have to get the ruby and the sapphire from the sevii islands. First you need to get the national dex which requires you to beat the Pokemon league and have had at least 60 Pokemon on your pokedex. After you do that talk to Oak and he gives you national dex. (The ruby is under Mt.Ember where th (MORE)

How do you trade in Pokemon?

First you need two Pokemon games that are compatible; for instance Pokemon silver can only trade with gold, crystal, yellow, red, or blue. You need two diffrent gameboys (if that's the system the game is for) and a link cable wire. You plug the cable in both gameboys, and in each game you must go to (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon crater?

When trading pokemon in a pokemon crater you should make sure that both partys are on the same terms. go to the same map as each other, only one person. then request to trade .

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

It's easy, and there are many ways to trade! (If Trading using DS Wireless Communications or Wi-fi Club ) 1. Go to any Pokémon Center and go upstairs (downstairs if Wi-fi Club). 2. Talk to the lady in the middle. 3. Save and go into the Union Room/Wi-fi Club. 4. Find your trade par (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond?

you get a friend with pokemon diamond/ pearl . then you both go to the pokemon center . then go to the top room talk to the middle person . you go in the room wait for your friend goes in as well . the one who goes in first to talk will be the host . the host selects trade . then your friend (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

If you want to trade Pokemon to other people you have first: 1.Get a connecter cord. 2. Go upstairs in a p.c (Pokemon centre) and and talk to the lady in the middle desk at the same time as your friend talks to her.

Can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

Yes you can trade Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby if anybody has questions about that or anything else about Pokemon Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Leaf Green. Join my website called so we can chat or give each other information about it you can ask other people on my site about it.Thank you.

How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

Easy! step one:grab you ds. step two:turn the power on. step 3: press a button on Pokemon diamond. step 4:wait until the main menu comes on. step 5:press start. step 6:congrats!!!! you have entered the Pokemon world!!!!!!!!! (sinnoh region). step 7 and 8 and 9 included in here:go to any Pokemon cent (MORE)

How can you trade with a Pokemon?

Read your instruction booklet, it not hard unless you don't know how to read. note: your first trade might be confusing,but after that it's not hard at all

How can you trade pokemon?

You can trade pokemon on the second floor in the pokecenter. If you are using emulator in that case you will need also VBALink. You can download it from the official site. Read instructions and so on

Where do you go to trade Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Any wi-fi CLUB room with friend code or union room. There you tell the person or lady that you want to trade and what you want to trade. Then you type in the other person's F C and the other person types in your FC. THEN you can finally trade!

Where can you trade pokemon?

In black and white, you can trade between friends or you can trade with people through the internet via GTS or GTS negotiations. You trade wirelessly between 2 dss or through internet with their friend code. All of these are found upstairs in a pokemon center

Pokemon crystal what Pokemon do you have to trade to get?

Many Pokemon will evolve through trade. Four of them don't require a hold item, and the rest do. Kadabra evolves into Alakazam, Graveler evolves into Golem, Machoke evolves into Machamp, and Haunter evolves into Gengar when you trade. The rest are down here, or at least what I can think of: Need (MORE)

Is Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver going to be compatible with future games to trade and battle with?

There is barely any information on Generation 5 yet.. But going on history, The original silver and gold(Generation 2) was compatible with Red and Blue(Generation 1) but was incompatible with Ruby and Sapphire(Generation 3) because of the different consoles (Gameboy and Gameboy adv). But Generati (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

On the "upper level" of the Pokemon center, there should be three people behind desk counters (that look like nurses). The center one directs you to the union room, which pretty much where you go with your friend to trade. Directions: 1. Both you and your friend bring the Pokemon you want to tr (MORE)

Where do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can go into any pokemon center and go up the stairs and there will be someone standing there you talk to them and save your game then you enter the union room and your friend does the same and you can trade

What Pokemon can you trade in Pokemon FireRed?

all Pokemon can be traded (even eggs) to Leaf Green with out the nat. dex. with the nat dex. you can trade to emerald, ruby and Sapphire. but not to the older games like crystal and red

How do you trade pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Firstly, you have to go to Goldenrod City. Go on the very west of Goldenrod City where there is a really big building. That is called the GTS. You can trade there. *This answer has been approved and written by Wikia Lord.

Where can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl version, go to a Pokemon center, up the stairs, you will see doors. go to the second door. the lady will let you in the trading room. (at least 2 other people near you playing must be in that room)

Where do you go to trade Pokemon?

You may go to the top floor of a Pokemon center and tal to the center lady. Or if you are looking for the wifi I beleve it is in Goldonrod city in the far left side.

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Red?

You need two Game Boys and a Gameboy link cable. You then go to the Pokemon Center, go upstairs, and talk to one of the Nurse Joys. She'll let you trade Pokemon. You also need another Pokemon game like Red, Blue, or Yellow.

When is it going to be the Pokemon soul silver rare event trade?

Not to sure, but apparently there was going to be a Celebi event for Soulsilver and Heartgold (maybe only for Japan though). The only another events I could think of would be the mew one, which ended on the 31st of oct. Also, the spiky Pichu event. O and the Jirachi event! (ended awhile ago...). May (MORE)

Where should you go to trade Pokemon from fire red to Pokemon sapphire?

For firered:You can trade Pokemon on the second floor of the Pokemon center just use the escalator to go up then speak to the lady behind the far right counter she will save your game then choose trade center. For sapphire: Just like in firered go up to the second floor of the Pokemon center but tal (MORE)

How you can trade Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

In Pokemon crystal, a trade can be accomplished through the following steps. 1) Have two of any of the following: Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Color 2) Other than your Pokemon crystal, have a copy of any of the of the following: Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, or Pokemon Cryst (MORE)

Can you trade me a pokemon?

This is a catchall question for anyone looking for a trade on pokemon black or white. The site linked below (gamefaqs) has an active trade board for pokemon black and white. Please sign up if you wish to trade. This site is not set up for conversation. Gamefaqs is. Just read the rules and good lu (MORE)

How do you evolve Pokemon without going to the global trade station on Pokemon platinum?

You mean the ones that evolve through trade?. You can always meet up with a friend who has a Gen IV game (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum & HG/SS) and trade the traditional way: Put the Pokemon that needs to be traded to evolve in your party.. Both you and your friend should go into the Pokemon Center and (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon with Pokemon GO?

Not at the moment. That feature has not been released yet, as thegame is still currently in early open beta. In the future you willbe able to trade any of the Pokemon that you catch in the wild.

Can you trade in Pokemon GO?

Not yet, as the game is still in its beta phase, but this is afeature the developers plan to add in the future.