How do you transfer contacts from an iPhone 4 backup to an iPhone 3G?

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There are three ways...
  1. iCloud (but the 3g does not support it)
  2. SIM Card (but both phones must be unlocked)
  3. Email - Press the share button on each contact individually and Email it to youself. Then, open you Email on your new iPhone and dowload each contact on it.

If you have made backup for contacts for iPhone 4 by using iTunes or iCloud, you can use restore you new iPhone 3G from these backups, but they won't allow you to selectively export contacts from them. Therefore, you can use some tools like AnyTrans to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone or from iCloud backup.
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How do you transfer contact from other mobile to iPhone?

You can user free cloud service named PhoneCopy. For most mobile phones from Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Samsung and others it works native and for iPhone you can download free app PhoneCopy for iPhone. If you want to synchronize android you need PhoneCopy for Android and also if you want to keep (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone?

As of version 3.0 of the iPhone OS there is an option under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Import SIM Contacts. Obviously you need the sim card in the iPhone to allow this to happen Also be aware that if your iPhone is locked to a carrier, it will not let you import contacts from a d (MORE)

Transfer contacts from sim card to iPhone?

If you have Microsoft Outlook, then backup all your contacts to that. The iPhone will synch those contacts easily, and painlessly. Otherwise you will need to save the contacts to your PC via going to the store and having them save the contacts onto a USB drive in a pbb file. Then extract this with t (MORE)

How do you import contacts from your Blackberry to the iPhone 3G?

Ok, this is how I did it with my Blackberry Pearl, or Bold andany iPhone, on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Preliminary steps: Have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed. Also,connect your Blackberry and iPhone to your computer (you don't needto connect both at the same time... but I did any way) . Mak (MORE)

How do you transfer Yahoo contacts to iPhone?

With the iPhone connected to the computer: 1. Open iTunes on the computer 2. Click on the iPhone icon in the left side panel 3. Click on the Info tab 4. Under contacts change sync with to Yahoo. Solution without the need for iTunes sync: 1. Export your Yahoo contacts to your PC by l (MORE)

How do you transfer Palm contacts to iPhone?

\nIn Palm Desktop choose Export from the File Menu. The dialog box that comes up has three choices with pull down menus. For "Module" choose Addresses. "Items" includes the addresses you have chosen in your list--you should either clean up your list first or just choose all the addresses and clean t (MORE)

Transfer palm data to iPhone 3G?

The best way is to transfer the Calendar and Contacts to Outlook. The iPhone can then be synced with Outlook.. Unfortunately, tasks and memos do not transfer. You will need to find other 3rd party apps that are supported on the iPhone and transfer your data to them.. Two examples are:. 1. Evernot (MORE)

How do I export contacts from iPhone 3g to your PC?

To export your contacts to your computer, all you need to do is - 1. plug in your iphone 2. go onto itunes 3. click on your iphone 4. go to the contacts tab and select export contacts Notice : In the new versions of iTunes you have to go to the tab called "info" and to select a service (MORE)

IPhone transfer contacts from blackbery curve to iPhone?

From your blackberry ,copy all your contacts to your sim card. Then remove the sim from your bnlackberry and put it inside the iphone. On your iphone do the import sim contacts. To give you the step by step provess on how to do the sim importing go to the link http://nice-to-know-about-iphone.blogsp (MORE)

How do you transfer iPhone contacts to a xenon?

Providers can help you to copy and transfer contacts. But can'tbetween different Providers. Some software tools fill the gap. Theycould transfer contacts and other data between any phone. Fullycompatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint andT-Mobile.

How do you import contacts from your iPhone 3G to the Blackberry?

Do not ask about ipod and phones in this websites those questions will not be answered.who ever asked about this will not be able to ask any other question again. This is a website to study not to ask about love iphones and this clear or not.maybe it is not to you because your too busy searc (MORE)

How do you transfer iPhone contacts to a Mac?

iTunes can sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. . Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer, and thenopen iTunes. . In iTunes, in the left pane under Devices, click the icon foryour device. . In the main iTunes window, click the Info tab. . Select the Sync iCal Calendars check box, an (MORE)

Does the iPhone 4 have a bigger screen than the iPhone 3gs?

The screen size remains the same, the quality of the displayhowever couldn't be more different. Apple has developed something they call the Retina Display for theiPhone 4. Basically they took the old display and made the pixelsfar smaller. This enabled them to fit four times the pixels on thedispla (MORE)

How do you transfer your Apple iPhone contacts to a PC?

Contacts are automatically synced from your iPhone to the PC; however, you can specify where you want them to sync to if you have a different program that you want to manage them with in the iPhone's Contact settings on iTunes (on the PC). With a connection cord. Plug in your iPhone. Go to the iP (MORE)

What is better the iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 has a range of improvements including high resolution screen, gyroscope, improved processor, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera with flash and a front facing camera for video calling. ----------- iPhone 4 has better specs than 3gs. You can check some reviews on this site. (See the so (MORE)

Which to buy - iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

the 3gs is much better for it's money iphone 3gs is better, i think. but it is very dear. it seems that you have enough money. if not, you can buy cheap phone instead.

What is the difference between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4?

There are a lot of differences between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS -- more than just the new case style. The iPhone 4 will only run iOS 4, currently Apple's latest iPhone operating system. The 4 takes advantage of all of the features of the new OS. The iPhone 3GS can also run the older OS versi (MORE)

How do you backup iphone contacts and transfer them to PC easily?

Maybe you should go Discussion-Apple to look for what is iTunes user directions about how to backup your iphone. If you only want to back up iPhone contacts without saving apps or other settings, you can also use 3rd party software like CopyTrans contacts or the below mentioned Tansee iPhone Transf (MORE)

Which is better the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 4?

The difference you will see between the iphone 3G/3G S and the iPhone 4 is quite noticable. Especially the design. AS for the iphone 3G,there is no recently used apps bar (multi-tasking), you can't have a background wallpaper on the homescreen. As for the 3G S, you have both of these features. Howev (MORE)

How do you transfer files from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4?

If you just recently got a new iPhone 4, connect it to iTunes and iTunes will identify it as a new phone. If you have previously synced your iPhone 3G with that computer before, then iTunes should give you the option to sync the new iPhone with a backup from your latest iPhone 3G sync. When you do t (MORE)

How do you transfer Contacts from a phone to an iPhone?

Sync phone contacts to iPhone, firstly add contacts into Outlook list if you are Windows user or import contact into Mac AddressBook, then open iTunes and connect iPhone to pc, sync contacts from Outlook or AddressBook to iPhone. Maybe you wanna transfer iPhone contact to pc, or sync iPhone contac (MORE)

How do you transfer your contacts from your HTC droid Eris to your Iphone 4?

Export the contacts to your sd card, connect the eris to thecomputer with the usb cord, set the phone to usb mass storage modeby pulling down the notification bar, choosing the notification,theb choosing mass storage, transfer the csv file to your computerhard drive, then you can upload it to any em (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from iTunes to iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to your PC, open iTunes and click on the device. Go to the Info Tab and choose the service that you want to use to synchronize your contacts with. Contacts that are stored on your PC in e.g. vcard format can be imported to Windows Contacts and synchronized over iTunes. Otherwise (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac?

There are four ways: 1) (Recommended) Use Apple's MobileMe service to automatically sync your contacts, e-mail, calendar over the web and access them online on any Mac, and download them to your Mac to use with Mac applications like Address Book and Mail. 2) Sync contacts to your Google accoun (MORE)

How do you transfer notes from iPhone 4 to iPhone 3Gs?

Use gmail to back up notes on iPhone 4 (add gmail to your phone in settings ---> mail, contacts, calendars) then add that same account to the 3Gs and set notes to sync and you'll have all your notes. You could also just back them up in iTunes from the iPhone 4 then sync the 3Gs

Is the iPhone 4 a 3G or 4G Phone?

-The iPhone is a 3G phone NOT A 4G. -Despite the '4', both Verizon and AT&T iPhones run on a 3G network. -The iPhone 4 is not a 4G phone, the networks have a 3G conectivity. -None of the iPhones can have 4G conection.

What is the difference between the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4?

Thinner . 5MP Camera Instead Of 3MP . Front Facing Camera . HD Video Recording . FaceTime . High Resolution Retina Display . LED Flash . Apple A4 Chip . Comes in 16GB and 32GB . Steel Edging . Big Re-Design . Flat Back . Glass Sheets On Front And Back

Is jailbreaking an iPhone 4 3G illeagl?

According to an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, jailbreaking and unlocking are perfectly legal right so there is absolutely no need to worry about it. Use trustworthy jailbreak services only.

How do you transfer iPhone contact to Android phone?

There are several free software you can use for contact backup and transfer. For example, there is a software called WeChat, you can download it, sign up, then go to settings -- features -- contacts backup/restore. Then you can transfer contacts between smart phones (it also works for Windows phon (MORE)