How do you transfer music from mp3 player to computer?

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Well, I would think that when you plug your MP3 player into your PC, the PC would recognize it as an external hard drive. All you would have to do at that point is go to My Computer and open the files in that drive and drag and drop, or copy the whole file to your PC.
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Not all Mp3 players are hard-drive based as mentioned above, furthermore some are write protected and do not allow you to copy from them. So, for those of you who have a mp3 player that is not write-protected, and will not allow you to access it as a removable drive, what you need to do is download Winamp. Winamp is free, just go to, it will have a link for it. Open up winamp, plug in your mp3 player, it should recognize it, give it a sec. There is a tab that says portables, your player should show up there, click on it to open. From here you will be able to right click any of the media on your mp3 player and chose the option to Copy to Local Media. I hope this helps everyone else.
plug in Mp3 Player. Go to My computer. Right click on the device. Go to the folder on the mp3 player that has your music. Open the My music folder. Drop and drag your music from the mp3 folder to your my music fold. works great!! very easy.
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All mp3 players come with a wire that allows you to connect it to the computer. If you have lost it, you will need to figure out what type of cord you need and try to buy a ne