How do you transfer photos from a digital camera to your email in box using a USB connection from camera to shared computer?

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How do you connect a Sony digital camera with a USB mini B cable to an Epson photo printer?

If the camera supports direct printing or the printer supports direct connection to a camera (which it sounds like they don't) you would simply connect them together using the apprpriate USB cable. Otherwise, you need to use a PC or a laptop with at least two USB ports (one for each device) and the (MORE)

Is it possible to transfer pictures from a computer back to your digital camera?

It depends on a lot of factors as some may find out. Some OperatingSystems such as Windows will not allow you to. And sometimes youhave to deal with JFIF Jpeg's and Exif Jpeg's as the bottom postdoes. That person thoroughly explains the issues in my opinion.What you can try doing is inserting the me (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from computer to camera?

Make a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name. Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the pictues remaining one by one or other and send them to your camera which is listed as a drive. Or select each pix -copy them (MORE)

How do you transfer a picture from your digital camera to your computer?

You may have a disk of drivers that came with your camera. If so, you need to follow the steps in your manual and load any drivers onto your computer. You should also have received a cable to connect your camera to the computer. The specifics will differ from system to system, but if you get this fa (MORE)

What do you need to transfer a picture from your digital camera to your computer?

The simplest way if your camera contains a memory card is to buy a card reader. These cost a few pounds or dollars and simply plug into your USB port.. If you have XP or Vista after plugging your memory card into a reader and plugging the reader into the USB port, a window pops up giving you option (MORE)

Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera you have transferred some photographs from Camera to Computer But when you again tried to retransfer the photographs you failed Can this be retransfered?

If your camera has the capability of using a SD card or other form of memory type device, you can copy the pictures to a new card/device from your computer to use in the camera. [The company SanDisk makes an external device which plugs into your computer's USB port and has slots for four different m (MORE)

Transfer photos from your camera to the computer?

Either plug your camera into a USB/Firewire port on your computer using the supplied cable, or remove its memory card and use a memory card reader to access it. You can then either copy the files manually by navigating to the card in your native file browser and copying the files to another folde (MORE)

How do you put pictures to the computer digital cameras photos to the computer?

Most Digital cameras come with a USB cable that you can plug from the camera into the computer. 1) Plug the Cord into the camera and computer. 2) Switch the computer and camera on. 3) Unplug and replug the cord. 4) Restart the Camera. 5) A box should pop up, say that you want to copy the photos (MORE)

Do you use firewire or USB to plug a video camera into a computer?

It depends on the camera. Digital cameras will have either a Firewire or a USB connector and some have both. If the camera has both, it is likely that either can be used to transfer video to a computer although some older cameras used Firewire for video transfer and USB for still image transfer. It (MORE)

What is the usb cord used for on cameras?

It is used for connecting the camera to a computer and transferring the images off of it when the computer does not have an SD card slot, or if the camera is using internal storage.

How do you upload photos from your camera to your computer?

USB A USB cable lets you connect your digital camera to your computer. Almost all digital cameras come with a USB cable. Just plug one end into the camera and the other into the computer. Once you've plugged the cable into the computer, software already installed on your computer may assist you (MORE)

How do you transfer photos from a Mac computer to a camera card?

A "camera card" (SD card, CompactFlash card, XD card, etc.) is recognized by Mac OS X as a removable drive, just like a hard drive or USB flash drive. In order to transfer photos to a connected camera card, you just need to drag the desired photos onto the card in the Finder. If the photos are (MORE)

How can you transfer photos from your computer to your digital cannon camera?

This is a weird action. Normally you transfer from the digital camera into a computer. If you want to move your pictures that you have in your computer, I advise you to move them to a pendriver, and not to the camera. The camera is not a storage device, this is a function for a CD, a diskette, a MP4 (MORE)

If you have a digital camera how do you take out the photos?

Either you hook it up to a computer, or you remove the memory card from the camera and connect it to a card reader that's hooked to the computer. To add to this you may not have a computer so take the card to a photo shop or such and you can download the pictures there. Some printers have a card slo (MORE)

How can you import photos to the computer from your camera?

Your camera may have come with a USB cable which will connect into a USB 2.0 port (where you'd put a memory stick) in your computer, and also have a port which can fit to your camera. If you don't have one visit your nearest camera shop and they may be able to provide you with a correctly-fitting on (MORE)

How do I transfer pictures from my camera to my computer?

Most cameras have a USB lead (cable) supplied that plugs into the USB sockets (the same as for plugging in webcams). You need to: . Plug the lead into your computer . If you are using Windows (don't have a Mac so don't know about them) go to Start or the Windows icon-> My Computer . The camera s (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures fom a digital camera to computer?

Most cameras come with software and cables to affect this transfer. My Canon has Canon software and my Kodak Ply sport has Kodak software. Once the cable is connected from the camera to the computer you can also transfer or copy files direct to your computer. In addition, most cameras will have a me (MORE)

How do you transfer data from your digital camera to the computer?

You use the USB cable that came with your camera and plug it into the computer. Turn on the camera and the computer will install the program for the camera and you can view your photos. You can also take the memory card out of your camera, put it in a reader or USB port on the computer and the compu (MORE)

How do you transfer the photos from camera to laptop?

you can put your camera's SD card in the laptop and go to 'start' and then to 'computer', and wait for your sd card to show and find your photos, and save them to your computer by sending them to your computer's pictures perhaps.

Can you transfer photos from a digital camera on to an iPad?

Actally I will simply concludes function oftunesgo retro: transfer file between iOS devices and PC/Mac,between IOS devices, between IOS devices and iTunes (filesincludes: music, photos, playlists, movies, TV shows, music videos,podcasts, iTunes U and audio books,contacts,emails,messages etc)And this (MORE)

What can you use to transfer picture from a camera to a computer?

you could use the charger you use t plug it up to your computer, and it will transfer. You have to click "computer" first, then you click on what your device is called. Like the name of that folder. And you'll see it there (or should ._. ) ( : hope this helps

How do you transfer photos from camera to digital photo frames?

There are several ways depending on the type of digital photo frame you have: . Memory card: digital photo frames have slots for the memory card from your camera (most support a large variety of cards). You simply have to plug in your memory card from your camera . Internal memory: some frames m (MORE)

Can I print photos on a Digital Camera?

Not directly on the camera itself (as it has no printer), but byputting the files containing the photos on a computer with aprinter and telling the computer to print them you can. Also many stores have equipment that can read the files containingthe photos and print them for you (for a fee).

Can we print photos on a digital camera?

Absolutely.... All you need is a suitable printer. Many digitalcameras can be connected directly to a dedicated printer, orconnected to a computer. Dedicated printers - will allow you toprint directly from the camera. Connecting to a computer lets youstore the pictures indefinitely. If you transfer (MORE)