How do you trap a garden snake?

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For one, you probably mean, Garter Snake. Some may have a checkered blotched design on the length of it's back, and olive drab colored, while some will have some stripes (ribbons) the length of it's body. Ribbon snakes are related to Garters.
Two, they generally eat frogs, snails, slugs, fish or an occasional lizard. They will strike at you when cornered but seldom do any damage. Use gloves if you have to. Never catch a snake by the body for it will have its chance to bite. Place a hat or cloth directly over its head and most of the time they'll think they've hidden. Follow the body until you find it's neck. Then you can pick it up by the neck, gently but with enough pressure that it can't get away. It will musk you. One of the biggest muskers. But, if you want it they can make easy pets. Have plenty of water to swim in and fish are cheap.
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What do garden snakes do?

Garden or "Garter" snakes are basically just another link in the life cycle of the back yard. They are opportunistic eaters so they will eat what is available be it small fish

How do you set a snake trap?

get a long pipe with a lid on one end. put an egg into the pipe, at the far end with the lid. then put the pipe with the egg in it anywhere where the snake will go (eg. under

How do you make a snake trap?

here is a way to build a snake trap you will need a 2 liter bottle, scissors, duct tape, and bait ( small frog, minnows, mouse, small lizard, insects, etc...) 1. cut the

Is the garden snake the same as the garter snake?

There is no such species as the Garden Snake. The above answer is misleading because it refers to a common name and not a scientific or Latin name. It depends on what part of

Is the garden snake the same as a garter snake?

I was curious myself. I found the related link below. According to that, they are Garter snakes but are often called garden or gardener snakes because they are often found
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Can a garden snake kill a PERSON?

If a person had terrible luck, he could be bitten (very rare) and get an infection from the bite, then fail to have it treated, and then die. There are only 4 poisonous snak
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How can you tell if your garden snake is a girl snakes from boy snakes?

Unless you plan on breeding them, there's no reason to, just pick a gender to call it. If you really need to know, there are several methods. The only method I would recomme
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Do snakes trap or trick their food?

Snakes either hunt prey, striking to kill when they get closeenough, or they wait, often in hiding, for the prey to come tothem, striking when the prey gets close enough.