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How do you turn on a Motorola flip phone?

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how to turn on my motorola phone
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When was the first Motorola phone made?

depending on what you call a "phone", it was either 1943 (Wrld's First FM Portable Two-Way Radio), 1946 (Car Radiotelephone), 1973 (Prototype DynaTAC Portable Cellular System)

Where are Motorola phones made?

In a factory in a village called Stotfold in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom(England)

Does the Motorola cell phone have gps tracking?

Actually you should check your phone setting or phone  specification.Its depends on your phone model.Now a days many phone  have gps option.If your phone run android opertin

What kind of phone is Motorola Razr?

The Motorola Razr is a part of the 4LTR line of Android Smartphones built for Verison Wireless. The Razr was first shown to the public in 2004 known as the V3 model it has sen

How do you turn on an lg flip phone?

Almost all cell phones have a red end button. Hold down that button and the phone will turn off. You also use the red end call button to turn the phone on.

How much is a flip phone worth?

They're quite old now so not an awful lot. Around £10 if you're lucky though it does depend on make and condition

How do you format Motorola razr v3i phones?

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