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What is URl?

URI is an acronym for Universal Resource Identifier.    It is a standard for identifying a resource (site, name, application, etc.) across a computer network (the bigge

How do you get a URL?

To find the URL of a website, use a search site such as Google. To obtain your own URL for a website you will create, buy a name from a domain name registrar.

What is a URL and what does it do?

  A URL, or Universal Resource Locator (also known as a URI, a Uniform Resource Identifier) is a string of characters which is used to identify or name a resource, the ma

What is your URL?

  Unique Resource Location or the Address of webpages/websites or images on the web Earle:)

How do you get an URL?

first you check if its registered if it isn't you regester it if it is you have to buy it off who ever owns it

What does the URL do?

It is a Uniform Resource Locator. It is the address of something you want to access on the internet and it helps you find it. It takes account of the name of the place it is l

What can a url do?

  A URL is the link in the address bar. It takes you to the website you wanna go to. For examplehttp://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_can_a_url_do&action=edit That's the URL link

How unblock URL Filtering?

You can't "unblock" it. You'd have to go around it with a proxy server... but doing so puts you at risk of viruses, having your passwords stolen, etc.

What is URL and URL shortening?

URL is Uniform Resource Locator , a site address, while a URL shoortener is a service that assignes a small address to your site if it is too long. some of the famous URL shor