How do you uninstall programs in Linux?

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In Linux
First, open terminal (bash prompt).
You must be login as root user to run any one of the following command.

Remove Software under Red Hat / RHEL / Fedora / CentOS Linux
Use rpm or yum command to delete the software.

To list the installed software type
rpm -qa | less
rpm -qa {software-name}
yum list | less
yum list {software-name}

To get information about httpd package, enter:
rpm -qa httpd
yum list httpd

To remove a software use rpm or yum command as follows
rpm -e {software-name}
yum remove {software-name}

To delete a package called httpd, enter:
rpm -e httpd
yum remove httpd
Delete / Uninstall Software Under Debian / Ubuntu Linux

To list installed software type:
dpkg --list
dpkg --list | less
dpkg --list | grep apache

To delete the software, enter:
sudo apt-get remove {package-name}
sudo apt-get remove apache
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How you can clean a computer registry of a uninstalled program?

The uninstaller should do that for you, but you can use Regeditthat comes with Windows to search for the entries. Many think that your computer can be faster if you clean theregistry. You can try Tuneup360. It is not free, but it will give afree license if you agree to do a customer survey. There a (MORE)

How do you uninstall a program?

Hey, so i was deleting some programs in control panel and then when i rebooted my computer i went in control panel again and there were only 3 programs (DNA, Hypercam2 and hypercam 2 toolbar =/). But i still have other programs installed on my computer... I still have temviewer, some games, alcoho (MORE)

How do you uninstall safe eyes program from a computer?

You should not . The program has been put to keep the users of the computer safe. Rubbish. How can you trust a lieing piece of software over an honest human being? I try to translate something in Google Translator and it babbles on about Google Images contains porn, but Google Translator doesn't h (MORE)

How do you uninstall a program you forgot the password to?

I've done that. You should go to the control panel and hit the uninstall tab. It will list all the programs. It it again for the one you want gone and it should ask if you really want to uninstall it. Click yes and it should do it.

How do you uninstall 3gp-converter on ubuntu Linux?

If the program was installed using the apt package manager, or it's frontend, Synaptic, you can uninstall it through Synaptic. The command to do it form the command line would be sudo apt-get remove 3gp-converter

How do you uninstall Linux?

Uninstall programs that allow you to safely and completely remove unneeded programs and related files from your hard disk.

How do you uninstall programs in your computer?

go to start and click on control panel and go to add removeprograms and choos the program. Search for " Reflective Riot " onyoutube and view their video on how uninstall programs step bystep, they will show you how to do it.

You have installed this program and want to uninstall but will not let you?

That means that another application on your system also uses this same application. You will need to find out which application that is and erradicate it first before being able to delete the one you want. A virus could also be preventing its removal ... try running a program like Ad-aware to find o (MORE)

How do you uninstall the windows live program?

1. Click Start -> Run and type appwiz.cpl in the Run box. 2. Sort the installed programs list by name and select "WindowsLive Essentials". Click Uninstall / Change. 3. Select the Live Programs that you want to remove from yoursystem and choose Continue. The only limitation is that you cannot remove (MORE)

How can I uninstall the the program Delicious Bookmark?

You can remove Delicious Bookmark from your system by going to 'add/remove programs' that is available in control panel. Find Delicious Bookmark products there and then click 'remove' option. The messages you see are because some of the files of this anti-virus are stored in the registry files of wi (MORE)

How do you uninstall a corrupt program?

just take advantage of the glass windows add/remove panel to uninstall,it is acknowledged as becoming a typical case,if it doesn't work,I recommend you to definitely choose the awesome Uninstaller.It is extremely easy, all complete specifics is outlined for the buyer interface, just only one mouse t (MORE)

How can I uninstall a program I have installed on my computer?

Well, it depends which type of computer you have... (i.e. Dell, HP, Mac, Toshiba, etc.) Hopefully, you have either a Dell and/or Hp because those are the only ones I know how to uninstall a program on.. Steps: Step 1: Go to either, the Search feature on your Dell/HP or go to the control panel, (fo (MORE)

How do you uninstall a software program?

in the normal manner,you can uninstall any software program in the Control Panel,if it dones't work,I suggest you to choose Perfect Uninstaller , it runs fast, and occupy few space.

How can you uninstall unseen programs?

Those items are probably only internet shortcuts to download and install the apps; they are likely not actually installed yet. If you look under service books you will find them there and can delete them from there. However, because they are service books, they will reappear every time you re-boo (MORE)

How do you installing - uninstalling programs?

I've never really understood why uninstalling programs in Safe Mode isn't officially supported in Windows. The main purpose of Safe Mode is to troubleshoot Windows, and what usually causes the trouble? Right, misbehaving programs. This may not even be the fault of the program itself. Windows is a ve (MORE)

How do you uninstall the Green Antivirus program?

Green Antivirus is a rogue antivirus program. It pretends to donate $2 for every purchase. You will have to follow a removal guide, or download a removal tool, to remove this infection. You may use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or Spyware Doctor. Click on the Related Link for a manual removal guide. (MORE)

How do you uninstall avira antivirus program?

The standard way to fully delete Avira Antivirus from your PC 1. Windows Xp system Firstly, you should click " Start ", and then you need to click " Control Panel ". Next, you should double-click " Add/Remove Programs ". Next, you should select the Avira Antivirus. What's more, you need to clic (MORE)

How do you uninstall a program on your PC?

o0k .. Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs .. Then Find The program, Select it, Then Remove, Then Uninstall .. After its done .. Restart You Pc ..If you can't do it,Use Perfect Unistaller to unistall the program. It is not a free program but it is worth the money, it just cost a littl (MORE)

How do you uninstall lime program?

It all depends on the operating system your useing. For most like vista or 7, click on start. Then go to control panel. In there find 'uninstall a program'. when it starts wait for a bit and ittl give you a list of all installed programs. Click the program you want to get rid of and then click on th (MORE)

Can you install Adobe programs on Linux?

Adobe does make a few programs available for Linux, namely Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe does not make programs like Adobe Flash or Photoshop available for Linux, and recent versions of these programs do not work in Wine.

How do you uninstall Halo 2 and other programs?

I was getting pissed off with all the annoying people who diddn't have the curtosy to dumb it down so i did, extremly. STEP1: Open controll panel STEP2: Go into programs STEP3: Go into programs and featurs STEP4: Go into uninstall programs STEP5: Select the program you want to uninstall STEP6: Clic (MORE)

If you have a program that won't uninstall what can you do to uninstall it?

If a program won't uninstall, it's either a very poorly written program, it's spyware, or a virus 1. Conduct a virus scan using either AVG, TrendMicro, Panda, Kaspersky or other Anti-Virus (I wouldn't recommend Norton/Symantec as it's very hard on system resources) 2. Remove/quarantine any in (MORE)

How do you uninstall programs on your computer?

1. Go to Start 2. Go to Control Panel 3. Choose Add Or Remove Programs 4. Remove the programs you don't want anymore if it doesn't work,download the following software and uninstallprograms by using this software.Hope it will work for you. Thanks:) . Search for " Reflective Riot " on youtube (MORE)

Which program should I uninstall?

you can uninstall any program that you'd prefer not to receive,Uninstall programs that allow you to safely and completely remove unneeded programs and related files from your hard disk.

How do you uninstall a program that i am unable to install?

Well,I also have some unneeded programs in my system, and I try to uninstall them with Windows Add/Remove Program, but it doesn't work for me until I try the Best Uninstall Tool which my friend recommend me.It is a professional, award-winning, advanced uninstall tool. It is specifically designed to (MORE)

Will uninstalling programs get rid of some ram?

Nope - uninstalling programs recovers space on your hard-drive . The only way to 'lose' RAM is if one of your memory chips fails - in which case, windows would report the error, as it would be expecting more RAM to be available.

Are kernel programming and Linux programming the same?

No. "Kernel programming" is the writing of code that runs in kernel mode. It is not specific to Linux. "Linux programming" usually refers to any programming done in/for the Linux environment, and is not necessarily specific to the kernel.

How can you uninstall program in Mac OS?

Most applications can be dragged to the Trash basket in the dock (or Right click on the application's icon and select Move To Trash from the menu) and when the Trash is emptied the application will be deleted. Some software comes with an uninstaller (often part of the Installer package) that can be (MORE)

How can I uninstall programs completely from your PC?

well.. Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs .. Then Find The program, Select it, Then Remove, Then Uninstall .. After its done .. Restart You Pc .. then if you want to unistall programs completely and quickly,I suggest you run Uninstall Help and use it to run the Sophos uninstallatio (MORE)

What are the programs you can uninstall with CCleaner?

To Uninstall CCleaner, like uninstalling many other programs, it concerns two aspects: Files and Registry. Conducting the standard procedure can generally wipe out all related files, that is, clicking Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove, and removing all records of CCleaner in the list of Current Insta (MORE)

How you install and uninstall a new package in Linux?

Depends on the distribution Debian & deriviatives (ex. ubuntu): apt-get install packagename apt-get remove packagename Red-Hat Linux & derivatives: yum install packagename yum remove packagename Gentoo: emerge packagename emerge unmerge packagename Arch: pacman -S packagenam (MORE)

Which Windows utility is used to uninstall a program?

The Windows utility that is used to uninstall a program isaccessible through the Control Panel. It is called Add/RemovePrograms. Search for "Reflective Riot" on youtube and view theirvideo on how uninstall programs step by step, they will show youhow to do it.

How do you uninstall a program on your mac?

Go into Finder and go to the Applications folder. Then select the app you want to delete, then press command+delete on the keyboard and it will move to the trash. You can now empty the trash if you want.

How do you uninstall programs from the hard drive?

Find the Hard drive the program is stored on and enter it, find the folder the program is stored in, and there should be an un-installation wizard file in there, follow the wizard and it will be un-installed from the Hard Drive.

What is a good free uninstaller program?

I would recommend using MCAfee. It can uninstall a virus quick and easy. Or if you just want to uninstall a program from your computer,just go to Control Panel, Click on "Programs", and then click on "Programs and Features, Find the program you want and click ,"Uninstall" It will guide you on from (MORE)

How can one uninstall a program from a PC?

Depending on the Operating System, this can be done a few different ways. For most versions of Windows, all one needs to do is go into "programs and features" in the Control Panel for a list of programs that can be modified or uninstalled. For Apples OSX all one needs to do is delete the program.

How do you uninstall a program on the Mac Air?

To delete all files of a program: . -Go to Library -Look for any files with the program's name or developer's name in the /Library//Library/Preferences/ and the /Library/Application Support/ folders. -Move the files to the trash. -If the trash will not empty. Reboot and try again. . How (MORE)

Is WHAT IS a Linux program?

It is a command that is typed into a terminal. Use "man whatis"(without the quotes) to gain full details on the whatis' manualpage.