How do you unlock the Apple iPhone?

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you press the button at the top on the left , which will make the screen light up then you slide across the arrow where it says slide to unlock xx

Can you unlock an Apple iPhone and use it with another wireless carrier?

Yes, you can do it free. The original 2G iPhone is easiest to unlock. Software such as QuickPWN can unlock an iPhone to be used on any GSM network. However, the 3G iPhone

Can you Unlock UK Apple iPhone?

yes all you do is buy a turbosim card off of eBay for 10-15 dollars. you just place the turbosim on your own sim card, put it in your fone, and it will be unlocked to work on

How do you unlock your iPhone?

Push the oval type button on the right-top of your iPhone thenslide the arrow across your screen from left to right. If you havea password or fingerprint ID you'll need to use

How do you unlock the iPhone?

I will assume you do not mean the "Slide to Unlock". Unlocking your phone's cellular plan is probably what you meant. Having your phone unlocked means you have the ability to

Where can one purchase an unlocked Apple iPhone 4s?

You can buy an unlocked apple Iphone 4s many places. The safest but probably most expensive method would probably be the Apple store; either online or an outlet. Another pla

How is an Apple iPhone 4 unlocked?

To unlock your iPhone, check with your carrier to ensure that they offer unlocking and that you meet the requirements to obtain an unlock. Otherwise check Craigslist for peop