How do you unstop a septic drain from the house to the tank?

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You run a power auger through it. You can rent one, but should have some experience with one before you try it on your own. You can get tangled up with it or maybe loose the cable. Having someone do it will be between $50 and $150. Could be more in some places.
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Should you use drain cleaner if you have a septic tank?

No you shouldn't, a septic tank contains live bacteria that digest the sewage. Drain cleaners, bleach and other chemicals will kill off the bacteria. Look for products that

Can a septic tank under the house be dangerous?

A few things can make this dangerous:. 1. The tank could possibly back up, causing a lot of... stuff to drain back under your home.. 2. It could be hard to access for mainta

Can you unstop a drain with muriatic acid?

It will work but it is not as effective as sulfuric acid because it is not as dense. Sulfuric acid is about 70% denser than water so it displaces the water and gets to the clo

How do you unstop a drain line?

Depends on how long your drain line is and where the stoppage is. You could rent a drain snake from a hardware store but if you don't know how to operate one I would suggest y

How fast should the water drain from a septic tank to drain field?

It's not a fast process at all, or it would flood the drain field. Most septic tanks are about 4 x 4 x 8 and so have a surface area of 32 square feet, the drain is usually abo