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How do you update your cell phone towers?

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If you use Verizon, dial *228 (that is "star" then 2, 2, 8) and send. Listen to your options and choose the option to update your roaming capabilities (last I knew it was option two). The phone will do the rest.
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Can you lease your land for a cell phone tower?

Answer . Sure. Presuming someone wants it and the zoning allows it. I mean, how the heck else do you think the tens of thousands of them, frequently with several differ

How do you switch cell phone towers?

Your cell phone does it automatically. Your phone will switch towers automatically but if your cell company's tower is not the strongest signal you will be using another c

How do cell phones connect to cell towers?

They are programed with a fequency, so much like a walkie talkie can connect to another on the same fequency, it is kind of similar with cell phones.

What is a cell phone tower?

It gets service for cell phones, which makes it possible to make/receive calls and texts. And, also serves as a sort of pass over to help carry wifi internet links to.

How tall are cell phone towers?

Cellphone towers range in height, from 40 feet all the way up. Here in BC, free standing towers are typically 60 - 650 feet tall, most averaging around the 100 - 300 foot tall

Who builds cell phone towers for Verizon?

Not sure about Verizon but I have been lead to believe that AMT American Tower builds most US urban towers and SBA builds most rural ones. AMT(21.65 B) is a lot bigger company