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How do you upload a video from windows movie maker to YouTube?

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When you have done the video go to file, publish, publish to this computer, when wait for it to transfer, and then it will turn into a wmv file, so then you can upload it onto youtube
Before you upload, you should convert video to FLV format. You can try Video Download Studio. http://www.downloadvideos-convert.com/
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The Windows Movie Maker project file (.MSWMM) must be Finished/Published in a Standard viewing format before it can be uploaded to YouTube. Watch the following YouTube video tutorial on how to do that from the URL:

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How do you upload a video on Windows Movie Maker?

You have to Import Media (video/clips/pics) into Window Movie Maker. And too, the video must be in one of the following formats to be compatible with the program:    .as

How do you upload windows movie maker videos to Youtube?

Windows Movie Maker files have to be published or finished in the program first before they can be uploaded onto YouTube. The publishing/finishing process exports the project

Windows Movie Maker Upload Videos?

You do not 'upload' videos into Windows Movie Maker.    All media (including video) must be Imported into the program. And too, the video format must be compatible with

How do you get videos from YouTube on Windows Movie Maker?

YouTube video is usually in .mp4 format, which is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. Therefore, you will need to CONVERT the YouTube video before it can be imported into

I am using windows movie maker to make videos then i try to upload them to YouTube but it says that it is having trouble what am i doing wrong?

windows movie maker ?   Did you upload a wmv video to YOuTube? YOuTube ONLY SUPPORT flv FORMAT. so you can use Video Download Studio to change video into FLV format.  

How do you upload a video from YouTube to movie maker?

You have to download the YouTube video to your computer first. Then you will need to convert the video to one of the formats below:    .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .

I can't upload my Windows Movie Maker videos to Youtube Why is this?

Answer One: That's because you getting a wrong format. Windows Movie Maker video are not compatible with YouTube. You should change WMV video to FLV format, it is a powerf

How can I upload Windows Movie Maker videos to Youtube without downloading anything onto my computer when the video is in .MSWMM format?

Yes. You don't have to download anything to convert the MSWMM file into a Standard viewing format. What you have to do though... is Publish/Finish the video to your computer f
In iPod

Can you upload videos from your iPod Nano to Windows Movie Maker?

As long as the videos are in a format compatible with Windows Movie Maker, you can import them from the iPod Nano into the program. File name extensions (formats) compatible w