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How do you upload video featuring your Sims to show on YouTube?

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No, use software that will generate frames directly from the scenes themselves, video taping a game-glimpse is how they made high score winners "prove it" back in the 80s. Most systems have apps that will record your game and output it as a video or series of TIFFs that you can string together into a video. Microsoft comes with Movie Maker which will allow you to edit, add music, subtitles, an intro, credits...whatever you want. The next step is to export your new video as an MP4. This way YT can read & play it. If you don't have a YT account now is a good time to start.
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Just get your own Handy-cam, Smart-phone or whatever with a good video recorder.

  1. Record a video of your liking,
  2. Create your YouTube account,
  3. upload the video to your own YouTube account channel.
  4. Share it
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