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How do you use Amazon's Kindle as a modem?

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Depending on where you are and what version of Kindle you own, you may search Wikipedia and browse the Internet, in addition to the universal Kindle Store access.
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What are the uses of Null modem?

A null modem is a cable connecting two serial ports with the input and outputs and device control lines crossed over, so the input pin on one port is connected to the output p

What is a cable modem used for?

A cable modem can be used different electronics. Cable modems are use to route the different user connections to a network source for shared usage of a printer, fax, internet

What is a modem used for?

A modem is a modulator and demodulator device that modulates the  analog carrier signal to encode the digital information and  demodulates the signal to decode the transmitt

Why use a modem?

  A modem is a low cost solution to connect a computer to the internet. They are cheap to buy and use existing phone infrastructure to form a network. They can also be mor

What Are Uses Of The Modem?

Basically, modem is used to connect the analog world to the digital world. In other words, you can say it is the device that is used to convert the analog signal to digital si

Can Amazon's Kindle search the Web?

Yes, kindle 2 and DX can search the web, but it has only a basic browser. To find this, press menu, experimental, and basic web. That should bring you to a bookmarks screen. T

Why do you use modem?

modem means modulator demodulator. it converts digital signal to analog signal. it is use to transmit computer signal (digital signal) over the telephone line to communicate t

What are Kindles used for?

All Kindles, aside from the Kindle Fire, are made primarily for eReading. The Kindle Fire can be used as a more universal tablet, but still with a focus on eReading or viewin

What is the use of modem?

Modem is used to connect one or more devices. It is also used to connect internet.the full form of modem is modulator demodulator.

Does Amazon's Kindle work outside the US?

The Kindle's wireless connection didn't work internationally until mid 2009. Since this device still does not have a Wi-Fi connection, until 2009 you could only download the K

Which one is better Barnes and Noble's Nook or Amazon's Kindle Fire?

In my opinion, I think that the Kindle Fire is better.   In my opinion the nook is far better. The screen is brighter and  has a lot more picture quality. Its internet is

How is a modem used?

  A modem is connect to a phone line and to the computer. When the computer wishes to connect to the internet it takes the line of the hook and dials to an ISP. The ISP co