How do you use Amazon's Kindle as a modem?

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You don't.

Depending on where you are and what version of Kindle you own, you may search Wikipedia and browse the Internet, in addition to the universal Kindle Store access.
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Does Amazon's Kindle work outside the US?

The Kindle's wireless connection didn't work internationally until mid 2009. Since this device still does not have a Wi-Fi connection, until 2009 you could only download the K

Does Amazon's Kindle 2 work outside the US?

You cannot download new ebooks into the Kindle wirelessly from countries where Amazon has not set up the infrastructure (as of July, 2009, only the U.S. and possibly Canada),

When was Amazon's Kindle invented?

Although no website lists the date the Amazon Kindle was invented (Amazon wants to keep this date a complete secret), it's release date is available. It was first sold was on

Can Amazon's Kindle search the Web?

Yes, kindle 2 and DX can search the web, but it has only a basic browser. To find this, press menu, experimental, and basic web. That should bring you to a bookmarks screen. T

What is best joojoo's tablet or Amazon's kindle?

Hi there. To determine which tablet would fit you best, you should look at how you will be using it. The Kindle is a solid e-reader, with a secondary Internet function. The

What is the river Amazon's water used for?

Fish and other forms of wildlife live in the waters of the Amazon; so birds, reptiles, humans, and other mammals prey upon and subsequently eat those fishes and other forms of
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Which one is better Barnes and Noble's Nook or Amazon's Kindle Fire?

In my opinion, I think that the Kindle Fire is better. In my opinion the nook is far better. The screen is brighter andhas a lot more picture quality. Its internet is faster a
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Where a modem used?

A modem is used to connect the computer with internet service.