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How do you use Electric Current in a sentence?

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The light bulb creates light when electric current flows through the filament.

Electric current is the movement of charges.

It takes electric current to run an electric motor.
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What is used to measure electric current?

An ammeter, either shunt or inductive. A shunt is an inline resistor of a small, known resistance. Knowing the resistance and the voltage one can calculate the amperage by Ohm

Why is i used for electrical current?

It is mostly convention. However this produces conflicts with the  conventional mathematics usage of i as the square root of -1 in  complex numbers, so in electronics the co

What is used as an abbreviation for electrical current?

Electrical current is measured in Amperes which is abbreviated to  amps.    When dealing with formulae the letter I is used to represent  current, for example:  

How do you use current electricity in a sentence?

Here are a few examples... - The electrical current is monitored. - The current of electricity is measured in volts. - The electrical current of telephone wiring is 82 volts.

Is anememomete using for electrical current?

Anemometers, employed for measurement of wind speed, often take the  familiar form of the spinning cups or a propellor-like windmill,  but can indeed also use electrical cur