How do you use Electric Current in a sentence?

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The light bulb creates light when electric current flows through the filament.

Electric current is the movement of charges.

It takes electric current to run an electric motor.
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What is used to measure electric current?

An ammeter, either shunt or inductive. A shunt is an inline resistor of a small, known resistance. Knowing the resistance and the voltage one can calculate the amperage by Ohms law, I=V/R. An inductive, or clamp on ammeter measures the magnetic field and using more complex calculations displays the (MORE)

Why is i used for electrical current?

It is mostly convention. However this produces conflicts with theconventional mathematics usage of i as the square root of -1 incomplex numbers, so in electronics the convention is to use j asthe square root of -1 instead when working with complex numbers inthe analysis of AC circuits.

Why is the letter i used to identify electric current?

The history of electrical study is a long an varied one. Because of this, many conventions used when describing electrical phenomena seem archaic or just plain weird. This particular oddity, using the letter 'I' to represent an electric current is courtesy of Georg Ohm [1] the father of the famous ' (MORE)

What does electric current do for us?

If the question means "What does electricity do for us?" then we could mention lighting, heating, cookers, refrigerators, telephones and cellphones, radios, TVs, computers for a simple start. If the question seeks to differentiate between electric voltage and electric current, then voltage is the (MORE)

What does a switch use to break an electric current?

A switch basically represents a gap in the electric circuit. Electric current can pass through a circuit only if it is complete. An incomplete circuit can never pass a current through it. When the switch is in the 'off' position, the circuit has a break (gap) in it. When you put the switch in 'o (MORE)

How can you use electric currents to produce magnetism?

Every conductor of electricity creates a magnetic Field when electricity flows through it. What we need to do is create a focus. We do this by wrapping our wire around a piece of iron, a nail or a steel rod works good. You have just created an electromagnet.

Which device is used to store electric current?

Strictly speaking "current" is not stored ... unless you want to talk about modern, superconducting magnets.. What we're able to store, move from place to place, and use when we want it, is either electric charge, or energy in some other form that can be converted to electrical energy.. Charge can (MORE)

Is direct electric current used in transformers?

no direct current is not used in transformers. the reason is that, if dc is used, there would be no counter emf to oppose it in the primary winding. since the constant flux will be flowing in the dc, there would be no rate of change of flux. as a result, the total current will be applied at the pr (MORE)

Where would a thermistor be used in an electrical current?

A thermistor could be used to measure temperature, because its resistance is a function of its temperature. By the same reasoning, a thermistor could be used to temperature compensate a circuit. The best example of this is in the regulator, where the ambient temperature controls the charge voltage (MORE)

What are the uses of current electricity?

The easiest way to answer your question is to point out that every device you own or use, which you plug into the wall or which contains a battery, makes available to you some use of electrical current. Whatever you use each of those devices for is a use of current electricity.

How do you use currents in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences. . The currents in this area are dangerous. . The river's currents will float you gently down to the campground. . If you can find the right air currents, the balloon can travel for hundreds of miles.

Where does electrical current go after it is used in the home?

It is transformed into energy thus causing heat, but the electricity won't go anywhere, remaining inside the wires on the form of electrons when not flowing. When any electric device is turned on, the electricity begins to circulate again within the circuit.

What is used as an abbreviation for electrical current?

Electrical current is measured in Amperes which is abbreviated toamps. When dealing with formulae the letter I is used to representcurrent, for example: Power = Voltage × Current = volts × amps = V × I Small currents in electrical engineering use the lower case i; thiscan cause confusion (MORE)

What is the normal current when used electric current for direct current?

It doesn't make any sense, but I'd say 12 v? === Most electronics use direct current. Direct current is what you get from a battery. The electricity that is delivered to your house and accessed via wall sockets is alternating current. It is called alternating current because unlike direct (MORE)

Can an electrical current ever get used up?

No, if it is ever, "Used up" then that means that there is no more flow of electrons. That in turn would mean no electric current is flowing. From Ohm's Law V=IR we get I=V/R. So no matter how large of a value R can be (using resistance equivalence we can make it very large by putting a bunch of res (MORE)

How do you use current electricity in a sentence?

Here are a few examples... - The electrical current is monitored. - The current of electricity is measured in volts. - The electrical current of telephone wiring is 82 volts. They may not be worded the same, but they have the same initial meaning.

Why is direct current used for mains electricity?

We're deeply intrigued to know where the questioner resides, and from what experience this question arises. We know of no location in the world, and no small-scale situation, where direct current is preferred for the mains supply.

Why alternating current is use for electrical system?

The transmission of electrical energy requires very high voltages (for a given load, the higher the supply voltage, the lower the load current). To increase/reduce these voltages, you need transformers. Transformers are AC machines; they do not work with DC.

What is electrical symbol is used to represent current?

The electrical symbol for a continuous or r.m.s. current is an italic, upper-case, letter I . The symbol for an instantaneous value of current is an italic, lower-case, letter i . The symbol for its SI unit of measurement, the ampere , is an upright, upper-case, letter A .

How do you use the word currently in a sentence?

The word currently is an adverb but the word current is and adjective. It means happening now. The word currently should be used when writing in the present tense. Example "He is currently walking down the road." Remember the adverb must always come before the verb.

Is anememomete using for electrical current?

Anemometers, employed for measurement of wind speed, often take thefamiliar form of the spinning cups or a propellor-like windmill,but can indeed also use electrical current as one measurementmethod. With these hot-wire anemometers, measured changes incurrent, voltage or temperature can be used to a (MORE)

Why does an electric motor uses direct current?

Only a DC motor uses direct current, and the reason is that it isthe only supply available. There are also plenty of AC motors used when there is an AC supply. DC tends to be used for low-power devices like fans in electronicequipment.