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Where can i get a cp trainer?

its called Penguin Storm and to download go to this link: http://cp.microchip123.org/downloads/download.php?f=PenguinStorm3.zip   copy and paste it to your brower ok?  

WHAT IS CP Trainer?

Club Penguin trainers are programs that people use to hack Club Penguin.

How do you use cp trainer 2.0?

PLAYER!My friend! Problem isn't how to use problem is how to load!!! You can download cp trainer 2 here (free): http://cp-trainer.filecart.com/download

How do you get cp on to the cp trainer 2 screen?

on good cp trainers upon start up you should get a screen with the log on stuff on it exactly the same as on normal cp. Log on and you can then do stuff by clicking on the wh

What a cp trainer?

  A cp trainer is a system thing u download on to ur computer or desktop to be able to do cheats and hacks of all kinds.

Does CP trainer get you banned on CP?

This is a very good question! Well, you see, you might get banned for using it, but the chances are around 20-30% depending on the cheats you use. If you use those nasty cheat

Is CP Trainer safe and reliable to use?

no, i repeat no it is a trainer a trainer in club penguin is like a hacking side of club penguin if you create account there and CP finds out like what they did with penguin s