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How do you use the word retirement in a sentence?

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He was especially looking forward to retirement.

The boss has stolen the retirement fund and ran away to Mexico.

Retirement wasn't as exciting as she thought it would be.

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Jim had to think about retirement.
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What is a sentence using the word us?

The firemen came to save us from the fire. You must tell us what happened last night. The principal saw us as we were leaving school.

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How do you use the word I and the word is in a sentence?

(The words may be part of separate clauses, or the letter I could specifically refer to the letter of the alphabet. Otherwise, the proper conjugation is "am.") Examples: The o

How can you use the words used to in a sentence?

The phrase "used to" can be 1) an idiomatic phrase indicating a former action or condition, synonymous with "once" or "formerly" 2) a different idiomatic phrase meaning "accus

A sentence using the word us?

This is just between us, okay? "We knew you'd come to rescue us," Stan and Eva said, taking the fire fighter's hand. You gotta tell us the whole story! Jesus Christ I am a Ch

What is a sentence using the word Word?

Here are some examples of sentences that include the word "Word:"    He made a promise and kept his word.    It was his word against mine.    He wrote a 6

How do you use retirement in a sentence?

Here are three sentences using the word 'retirement': "Kate will move into a retirement home soon, because she is finding it hard to cope on her own at home." "During retireme
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How do you use the word I and the word me in a sentence?

The words 'I' and 'me' are the first person singular pronouns; words that take the place of the name of the speaker. The pronoun 'I' is used only for the subject of a sentence