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To view a website, you must first find the website you want to go to. Let's say you want to go to Google; You can either search for Google on a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Once you search for it, you can click on the Website you want to go too. If you want to type the link to the website instead, you would look on the top of your browser, delete everything in the ( I guess I can explain it like this.. If you want to explain this part better, feel free to edit it, and you can delete everything in these parenthesis. ) navigation bar, the white bar on the top of your browser, and type in the website URL you want to go to. In this example, just type in " http://www.google.com/ ". The " http://www. " part does not have to be added, but it allows for safer travel to that site.
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StaffLinQ. Be sure to have your login and password handy. If you do  not have a login ID/password speak with your employer who should be  able to get you this information.

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