How do you write 'minna-san' in Japanese?

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Minna-san is incorrect Japanese. When "san" is affixed to "minna," (everyone) it becomes "mina-san." Thus, written in Japanese, it would look like: みなさん
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How do you write in Japanese?

Hiragana for basics. Katakana for foreign-pronounced words. The recognition of over 1,400 Kanji (phonetic characters) is needed to become fluent. (The romaji, which are Latin/English characters, are not used in Japan.) (see related links for more information)

How do you write 1970 in Japanese?

For the number: 千九百七十  せん きゅうひゃく ななじゅ sen kyuuhyaku nanajuu One thousand nine hundred seventy For the year: 千九百七十年 せん きゅうひゃく (MORE)

How do you write wicked in Japanese?

\nThere's 邪悪な. Jaaku na. That's the most literal.\n. \nAlso, there's "neikan" (sorry, I don't know that in kanji), and UIKIDDO (ウィキッド). UIKIDDO is used in the name of the American musical "Wicked" in Japan.

How do you write dad in Japanese?

For talking about your father tosomeone else, say chichi (chee-chee) For talking to your father or talking about someone elses father, use otousan (oh-TOH-ou-sahn)

How do you write Ayame in japanese?

Depending on what her parents choose, it could be a combination of Chinese characters such as 彩女. It could also be in hiragana 'あやめ' or katakana 'アヤメ'.

How can you write Japanese?

こんにちは。 わたしは あい です。 はじめまして。Hello. My name is Ai. Nice to meet you. This is just hiragana though. There's also katakana(mostly used for foreign words) and kanji(chinese that are used a lot too (MORE)

How do you write 'we' in Japanese?

There are several ways: Watashitachi, bokutachi, bokura, wareware are a few. In Japanese, (and respectively): 私たち、僕たち、僕ら、我々

How do you write Japanese in Japanese?

日本語 Nihongo, meaning the language 日本人 Nihonjin, someone who is Japanese (sometimes rarely you will still hear Nipponjin)

How do you write you in Japanese?

あなた - Anata 君 - Kimi お前 - Omae These are the three most common ways but the first is the standardwith the second being better among friends and the last being achallenging tone, or among friends getting rowdy.

How do you write are in Japanese?

The word for is, am, and are is all the same word, "desu" it is pronounced DESS, the U being silent. It is written as です。in Japanese.

How do you write I in Japanese?

"I" as in addressing yourself has several different words. The best known and most common one is: Kanji 私 Hiragana わたし These are both "Watashi"

How do you write a in Japanese?

あ If you are writing hiragana then it would be like this あ. If you are writing katakana then it would be like this ア.

How do you write shift in Japanese?

all these mean shift . noun . シフト . 交代 . 交替 . 平行移動 . 転向 . 更代 . 交代員 . verb . 変える . 移す . 入れ替える . 転じる . 動く . 動ã (MORE)

What are some Japanese writing styles?

If by writing style, you mean the style in which they write their kanji character, then it really depends from person to person. Of course, you can make them look more square or more flowing like we do with cursive and print.

Japanese writing in English letters?

Japanese writing in English letters is referred to as romaji. It is very useful to begin learning Japanese because it is easy to see how the language is pronounced. an example of romaji would be chikatetsu- subway

What is 'I can't write in Japanese' in Japanese?

The previous answer: 日本語を書かない ("nihongo wo kakanai") means 'I don't write Japanese'. 日本語が書けない ('nihongo ga kakenai') means 'I can't write Japanese'

How can you write divya in Japanese?

This is just the romanji, but here it is. Di bi ya. (te w/ two lines with small i, hi w/ 2 lines, ya) In Japan it would be pronounced Dee bee yah.

How to write mum in Japanese?

mum is a difficult answer, as the word varies with context. However, if you were to say 'my mum' it would be "okaasan" pronounced Oh-car-san

How do you write old in Japanese?

The Japanese adjective for old is 古い (furui). However, there are many words in Japanese that also are indicative of having age or being old. For example, お婆さん (obaasan) means grandmother (not to be confused with 叔母さん [obasan], aunt), which has inhere (MORE)

How do you write the word kenji in Japanese?

検事 (kenji) is one Kanji spelling though because there are multiple homonyms for this word, it would be best to give the kana spelling, which is けんじ.

How do you write bitter in Japanese?

苦い (ni ga i) is Japanese general word for bitter in both meanings, 'bitter taste' and 'fierce, unbearable'. But for the second mening 辛い (tsu ra i) is better suited.

How do you write world in Japanese?

世界 (se Kai) if you mean the Japanese word meaning 'the world'. But the word 'world' itself can be written ワールド (waa ru do) which also means the same in Japanese.

How do you write open in Japanese?

The verb "to open" is 'akeru,' to verb "to be open" is 'aku,' and the word that business often to display to show that they're open is 'eigyouchuu.' Written, in this same order: 明ける  開く  営業中

How do you write irakli gurgenidze in Japanese?

イラクリ グルガニッドザ /i ra ku ri gu ru ga ni ddo za/ is the way, if ever to, write it in Japanese. It's always the name's owner's choice how to write it according with how they want it to be read so neither this nor any other foreign name is not wrong (MORE)

How do you write mcgill in Japanese?

マクギル /ma ku gi ru/ , マックギル /ma k k u gi ru/ and マギル大学 /ma gi ru dai ga ku/ are in order of popularity in usage, how you can write 'McGill' is Japanese. Depending on how you want it to be read you can choose between 1st and 2nd c (MORE)

How do you write we in Japanese?

'We' in Japanese can be expressed in a number of ways: 私たち (watashitachi) - moderately polite 僕ら (bokura) - less polite, commonly used by males 俺ら (orera) - even coarser than the previous, but warmly used amongfriends あたしたち (atashitachi) - (MORE)

How do you write Japanese writing?

To write in Japanese on a computer, you will need to download a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) that's compatible with your operating system. A quick search on Google should point you in the right direction.

What did the japaneses write on?

They wrote on long paper scrolls in a room called tatami . And they still do today if you go to Japan also, look in a book about Japan and you'll find it.

How to write Have in Japanese?

The verb 'to have' has various ways to express in Japanese. There are some words such as 備える /su na e ru/ (to be blessed with, to possess, to own, etc) or 備える / you su ru/ (to have, to include, to consist of, etc) but their usages are conditioned. One of the most c (MORE)

How do you write Japanese in Japanese calligraphy?

Japanese in sense of the language: 日本語 /ni hon go/. Japanese in sense of person(s) from Japan: 日本人 /ni hon jin/. Japanese in sense of the nationality: 日本国籍 /ni hon ko ku se ki/.

How do you write no in Japanese?

いいえ, or iie. "No" is written in hiragana, one of the three Japanese alphabets, apposed to kanji or katakana. いや - iya なし - nashi ____ While "iya" is technically a way of saying no, it's more of anexclamatory, distressed, or very adamant "no", and not somethingyou' (MORE)

How do you write there in Japanese?

"There", referring to a physical location, can be translated into Japanese in a variety of different ways. ここ (koko) means here, where the speaker is located そこ (soko) means there, somewhere in the immediate vicinity, visible to the speaker あそこ (asoko) means the (MORE)

How do you write by in Japanese?

Many people write By:....... in Japan. But if u want to know, it's ....... . There's no by using in Japan. It's just, ok pretend ur name is A. ................. ........ ................ ....... ............ A

How do you write 'see you' in Japanese writing?

Iitekimasu - 行ってきます - is a formal way of saying "see you; I'm off" Mata ne - またね - is a more casual way of saying "bye; see you" You can also say "ja" - じゃ - with close friends.

What do Japanese write in?

Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) Hiragana (Used for native names and words) Katakana (Used for foreign names and borrowings) Kanji (Written characters that take root from chinese) and Furigana (Using kana to pronounce kanji and/or foreign words) In general a combination of these are used at any one time (MORE)

How do you write why in Japanese?

何故 - Naze どうして - Doushite 何で - Nande なして - Nashite In order of formality and which one, which form of it, will varydepending on application.

What writing is there in Japanese?

Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji You have Hiragana which is typically learned in Primary school and consists of about 46 characters total, Katakana which also have about 46 characters and used for borrowed words, and then you have Kanji which derives from China.

What writing is there in Japanese?

There are three writing systems commonly used in the Japanese language: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. . - Kanji are Chinese characters which that Japan borrowed thousands of years ago. There are approximately 2000 common-use Kanji which are necessary to be considered fluent by the Japanese govern (MORE)