How do you write Eastern Orthodox Icons?

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Iconographers study iconography at Seminary, or study under a noted iconographer. Some monks and nuns who write icons, study iconography at the monastery.
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What are orthodox icons?

Orthodox icons are often referred to as "windows to heaven." The icon is a depiction of Christ, the saints, or biblical events done in a very precise fashion with thoughtful p

What is an Orthodox icon?

It is a painting on wood of saints and biblical events. They are painted with symbolic colours and the background is usually gold .

Did the eastern orthodox churches members worship icons?

No, they have never worshipped icons. Only God is worshipped in the Orthodox Church. Icons are venerated (meaning honored) by commemorating the memory of a saint, in the same

How did the people of the eastern orthodox church feel about icons?

The Orthodox people venerate (honour) icons by commemorating the memory of a saint. In the same way, people in the Old Testament commemorated the righteous people who pleased

Why were icons important to the eastern orthodox and western roman catholic churches?

Icons were (and still are) important because they have been used continuously in the church for over 2,000 years. Icons are holy images that declare the presence of the king

What did the eastern orthodox church think about icons?

Icons are an important part of Orthodox worship. In prayer, the icon focuses your thoughts and keeps your mind from wandering ... a constant reminder. They have been an integr

What are beliefs concerning icons in the eastern orthodox chruch?

Walk into any Lutheran, Catholic, Evangelical or Mormon classroom, and you're likely to see an image of Jesus that looks realistic, very Northern European, in a pasture preach

What was the position of the eastern orthodox church concering the topic of icons?

The east is pretty conservative when it comes to icons. In fact, I just went to a seminar on this. First of all, we do not worship icons. Icons are a reminder of the acts that

Was praying over icons and disagreement about whether Christ was the son of God a source of tension between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches?

Although in practice icons often were (and still often are) objectsof worship among Orthodox believers and several of them were andare believed to have supernatural powers, th

Are eastern orthodox icons made of oil or charcoal?

No. The components of most portable Orthodox icons are wood (as abase) covered with linen and then covered with gesso. The paintsthemselves are usually derived from minerals n