How do you write Thoth in hieroglyphs?

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Thoth is not the Egyptian version of his name, but an approximation used by the Greeks who visited Egypt. In hieroglyphs he is called DHwty, the D being a sound like "dj". We can never know how this was pronounced by the ancient Egyptians, but modern Egyptologists say Djehuty.

There are many ways of writing this in hieroglyphs and scribes could choose to write the name in full or in abbreviated form, depending on the available space.

Often the name is written with Thoth's totem bird, the Egyptian ibis, mounted on a kind of stand; this is followed by the loaf-sign (t) and two short, sloping strokes (y). The determinative sign for "god" is usually written at the end.

When written out in full and using phonemes (sound-signs), it has the cobra (dj) + the twisted rope (h) + the chick (w) + the loaf (t) + the two sloping strokes (y) = DHwty. Again the "god" determinative would usually follow.

The link takes you to an image of Thoth as a scribe, with his name written in typical shortened form at the top of the right-hand column (the first column of text):
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How do you write hieroglyphics?

In ancient times, they were painted or carved into walls, and monuments, or they were written on papyrus with thin paint brushes. Today they are written on paper with pens and pencils.

Who writes hieroglyphics?

Scribes wrote hieroglyphics in tombs. The scribes were male most of the time. wealthy family rarely sent girls to scribe school.

Did the Omlecs write in hieroglyphs?

The Olmecs used glyphs to write their language, but because the language is unknown it is likely that the glyphs will never be translated. The term "hieroglyphs" implies that the writing is entirely religious in character, but since we do not know that, it is more accurate to call them "glyphs". (MORE)

Who would write the hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphs [ιερογλυφικά] were the ancient Egyptians formal writting methods on papyrus and stone, wich were known to the hieratic class and the nobles. It has been successfuly translated after the Rosetta stone was found in the 18th century AD/ CE

How do you write hatshepsut in hieroglyphs?

The name is written without any vowels, since hieroglyphs only expressed consonants. The name is in two parts, meaning "foremost" and "noblewomen". The first word is h3t (foremost), written with the front quarters of a lion plus the semicircular loaf ( t ) which here simply serves as a phonetic (MORE)

How were today's writing and hieroglyphics similar?

Hieroglyphic writing and the American language are similar knowingthat both of them meant something. Sure, American letters andnumbers were different knowing that Egyptian hieroglyphics wereforms of art; not words and numbers. However, hieroglyphics wereunderstandable to some Egyptian folk, the same (MORE)

How do you write the word 'open' in hieroglyphics?

To the best of my knowledge, the words "door" and "open" utilize the same hieroglyph which looks a bit like a shallow pie pan viewed from the side with the sides sloping in at about a 60 degree angle and the top&bottom lines being perfectly horizontal. Reduce the height of the object below to half a (MORE)

How do you write The End in hieroglyphics?

HOW DO U SPELL the end IN HIEROGLYPHICS'S? This is how you write the end in hieroglyphics T= semi sphere yellow looks like a sun coming up with out a mountain H= a blue wick three hoops then two little tails on the side E= a vulture smallish sized not too big make sure that it is the same size as (MORE)

How do you write Sarah in Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Hieroglyphs did not write any vowel sounds (despite what some modern web pages claim). Naturally the ancient Egyptians knew how to say their words with the vowels included, but only the consonant sounds were written. So in hieroglyphs you write srh , but you say Sarah. The direction of writing w (MORE)

How do you write Tutankhamun in hieroglyphics?

The name "Tutankhamun" is just one of many modern attempts to say the real name, which appears in hieroglyphs as twt.anx.imn (where all the letters are consonants, since no vowels were written). The name and additional signs are placed inside a cartouche since they represent a royal name. Th (MORE)

How was hieroglyphic writing different from your writing today?

Hieroglyphics used different pictures and art. And was very hard to read less than 1% of the Egyptian population could read and write. ___ Hieroglyphics does not use an alphabet, but instead has (roughly) one sign for every idea, so one needs to learn a vast number of signs.

How do you write strength in hieroglyphics?

The word for "strength" in ancient Egyptian is written out in hieroglyphs as rwd pHty wsrw nxtw xpS Most of these are spelled out with phonemes (sound-signs) plus determinatives, but the simplest is wsrw , which can be written with a single hieroglyph: the dog-head (MORE)

How do you write Jordan in Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are actually sounds. The name Jordan phonetically in hieroglyphics would most likely be: Ja - O - R - D- N I am not an expert but I have researched into this subject. Please correct me if I am wrong.

How do you write j in Egyptian hieroglyphics?

The Egyptian cobra was used to write a sound that was probably close to j, but more like dj. It is used in such words as dj.t (for ever), written with the cobra and semicircular loaf in standard funeral texts. The link below takes you to an image of this word in an inscription (it is on the lower (MORE)

Why was the hieroglyphs writing system invented?

Hieroglyphics were invented as more complex form of writing than simply drawing pictures. Early hieroglyphic symbols looked like the object or idea they were meant to convey. For example, the early Chinese symbol for "sun" was a semicircle with lines radiating outwards.

How did people write before hieroglyphics?

Human beings, in their modern form, have been around for nearly 200,000 years, and most scholars believe that the use of language dates back at least that far. For most of this time language was oral only, as it still is in some isolated cultures; writing developed only very late, around 3500 B.C., (MORE)

How do you write Sara in hieroglyphics?

The ancient Egyptians had a clever system for writing foreign names, using the nearest single-consonant signs in their writing system. They did not write any vowel sounds (exactly as in ancient Phoenician, Hebrew and Arabic) so the name Sara could be written with just two signs: s and r . Hier (MORE)

What is the difference in hieroglyphics and Arabic writing?

Arabic script is an alphabet, where each consonant is represented by a single letter. Originally, Arabic had no written vowels, but later a system of dots and other symbols was added to indicate the vowel sounds. Modern Arabic has several variations but there are generally around 28 consonants and 3 (MORE)

Why did the Egyptians write in hieroglyphics on the walls of pyramids?

because in the first place why do we assume its the egptians,i believe it was the Immaculate Conception caputured by these so called myans of torture;it goes back in the begging of time virgin Mary was of a child also and yet we tend to forget her presence,she is of this universe and is the universe (MORE)

How do you write the mummification process in hieroglyphics?

The usual term for the process in English is "embalming", referring to the special balms or ointments used to preserve the corpse. In Ancient Egyptian, the word for "to embalm" is wt , which is related to another verb meaning "to bandage or wrap". Bandages are wtyw . Another word for "to emb (MORE)

Why do the ancient Egyptian write in hieroglyphics?

Because they thought comparing what they write to what they might see everyday was a good idea. All writing in the modern sense derives from a picture script of one kind or another. Hieroglyphics was the Egyptian route,

How do you write peace in hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphs were intended to write the ancient Egyptian language, not English. The only exceptions were the names of foreigners such as Ptolemy and Cleopatra. In hieroglyphs the words meaning peace are: hrt and Htp (sometimes Htpw ). The vowels were not written so we can never know how thes (MORE)

How is demotic writing relate to the hieroglyphics?

For most of ancient Egyptian history there were only two scripts: hieroglyphic text, used for monumental inscriptions, tombs, statues, buildings and so on - and hieratic, which is a cursive form of the same hieroglyphs used for keeping records, writing letters and in mathematical, legal and medicina (MORE)

How do write Anubis in hieroglyphics?

Anubis is the Greek version of the god's name - in ancient Egyptian the word was written 'inpw (the 'i is a consonant) and we can only guess at the missing vowels. The first character is a reed, the second a horizontal zig-zag line, the third a small rectangle and the final character a chick. T (MORE)

What were the four categories of hieroglyphic writing?

Hieroglyphs can be categorised in many different ways, such as grouping them into animals, birds and parts of their bodies, humans and parts of their bodies, small signs, tall signs, signs depicting plants and so on. In linguistic terms the hieroglyphic signs may be grouped as follows: . sing (MORE)

How do you write cleopatras vii name in hieroglyphics?

Since our computers are not equipped to type in hieroglyphics, you have to use your browser and type in Cleopatra/cartouche and you will get several websites with pictures of her name in hieroglyphics. Since our computers are not equipped to type in hieroglyphics, you have to use your browser and t (MORE)

How do you write and pronounce sphinx in hieroglyphics?

The modern English word sphinx comes straight from classical Greek Σφίγξ meaning a strangler - the sphinx was a monster in Greek mythology. The Greeks also applied the name to some of the statues they saw when visiting Egypt. In hieroglyphs the ancient Egyptian word is written sh. (MORE)

How was hieroglyphic writing diffrent from your writing today?

Writing in English or more originally, the Phoenicians' way, was (and obviously still is) phonetic. Which is where we get the word 'phonetic' (from the ancient Phoenicians). Each letter represents a sound, which we piece together, forming a series of sounds, which ultimately have a meaning. Hiero (MORE)

How do you write Anastasia in hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphs were never intended to write words in any language but ancient Egyptian, although foreign names could be spelled out phonetically (often only approximately). They do not write vowels (exactly as ancient Hebrew, Phoenician and Arabic did not write vowels), despite the fake hieroglyph char (MORE)

How do you write Ra's name in hieroglyphs?

The real name of the ancient Egyptian sun god was not Ra or Re - those are simplified versions used by writers over the past 200 years by people who do not understand that hieroglyphs did not include any vowel sounds, only consonants. The real name was written with the characters r (a mouth see (MORE)

How do you write Ra's name in hieroglyphics?

The real name of the ancient Egyptian sun god was not Ra or Re - those are simplified versions used by writers over the past 200 years by people who do not understand that hieroglyphs did not include any vowel sounds, only consonants. The real name was written with the characters r (a mouth see (MORE)

Was it hard to write in hieroglyphics for a pharaoh?

Hieroglyphics were the Ancient Egyptian's system of writing, like we have the alphabet, so a Pharaoh wouldn't have had a problem writing in hieroglyphics, as these were the symbols that the Ancient Egyptians had learnt to write with.

How was thoth?

Thoth is the Egyptian god of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdom. He has the head of an ibis and the body of a man. He is also depicted as a baboon in some sculptures.

WHERE is thoth from?

Thoth is an ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, knowledge, magic, writing and Moon. He has a head of an Ibis-bird, native to Egypt. Sometimes Thoth were depicted as a whole Ibis-bird, or then a baboon, also a sacred animal. Thoth invented the hieroglyph writing according to Egyptian mythology. He was on (MORE)