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First you come up with an idea. It doesnt have to be very elaborate yet, just an idea about what your writing. Next you come up with characthers and a plot. Finnaly you start writing, it really depends on if you can think of the ideas, not the grammar or anything else. Two great examples of my writing are Life as We Knew It and The Dead and the Gone. By me, Susan Beth Pfeffer
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Is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland a fantasy story?

The events in Alice in Wonderland couldn't possibly happen in the real world, so it falls into the genre of fantasy. Fantasy stories are those which could only take place in

Can someone name some good fantasy fictionpress stories?

You didn't specify whether you wanted a finished or unfinished story. I do however, have a recomendation for you. The story "Hearts in Our Hands" seems to be pretty decent. It

What is the story line in the Final Fantasy games?

Final Fantasy   Every game in the final fantasy series has a different and unique story line associated with it. One version of one game usually has nothing to do with th

What is the difference between fairy tales and fantasy stories?

Modern fairy tales are children's stories with fairies, elves, gnomes etc involving evil witches/persons but have a happy ending. Many stories that we call fairy tales really

You have to write a story on the accident what can you write it about?

WikiAnswers does not know which accident "THE accident" might be, so we can't really help you with that part. Basic steps to writing are: . describe what happened . descri

What are the features of fantasy stories?

  Often, fantasy stories take place in other worlds. Magicians are also sometimes involved (other good names for magicians: wizard, sorcerer, sorceress, mage, witch, encha

What is a coda when writing a story?

The coda is a reflective statement often related to the theme that may occur anytime within the story, but usually at the end. They are used often in fables.

What does the author write when he writes about his life story?

If the author is writing about his own past or life, the book is called an autobiography. If it is about the life of someone else it is called a biography. A person who writes

Does the final fantasy games story lines go together?

None of the story lines of the 'main' Final Fantasy games go together, they are stand-alone games. Instead, the stories of the main games are continued in spin-offs, like Fina

What are some tips on writing a good fantasy story or book?

*WikiAnswers cannot give you ideas - writers must come up with their own ideas in order to be writers - click the Related Questions to learn how to find good ideas* Fantasy i

What are some ideas for fantasy stories?

Any idea that is interesting enough to you will be a good idea. You cannot write a story or novel based on ideas that someone else invents - you won't be interested enough in