How do you write a love note on Valentines Day to a 11 year old by from and 11 year old girl?

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well i would write a poem like roses are red some diamonds are blue just to let you know i really like you!or something like that
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How do you know if your in love if your an 11 year old girl?


What does 11 year old girls do?

They start liking boys, almost always on the computer, wants an e-mail adders, like playing around , tries to be cool or is , cries when called ugly or fights back or even say

I love a 11 year girl old how do you ask her out?

Girls arent always the most "oh sure ill go out with" so you know become her friend give off hints that you do once you get to know her let her know that you have a crush or t

How do you make a 11 year old girl fall in love with you?

you cant. shes eleven. an eleven year old doesn't know what true love is. The answer above me is totally wrong, when i was 9 i had what started out as just a ccrush, but e

How do you get a girl at 11 years old?

You don't. At 11, you are too young. Go have fun with your friends. I'm 14 and I don't have a girlfriend. I'm not geeky or anything I just enjoy spending time with my frien

How do you tell if a 11 year old girl loves you?

Im a 11 year old girl i should know that you tell if a girl likes you. She always says, "I Know Who Fancies You.." But never tells you, If you receive a card, they say it's fr

How do you make a 11 year old girl love a 11 year old boy?

OK I'm an (eleven year old) girl, but I'm helping the enemy ( boys ) first just watch her. Blush and look away when she sees you. Then gaze into her eyes, again, look away

How can an 11 year old get a girl?

Get to know her then ask her to play outside. make sure you have one of her favorite things. then say "so... nice day. would you like to go steady" the kiss her. (this has hap
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Can 11 year old girls fall in love?

Anyone can fall in love. If this is the first time you've ever had a crush this big, then it could be something called an infatuation. Sometimes you like someone so much you c
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What to get your 11 year old girlfriend for valentines day?

11 year old girls LOVE jewelry, perfume, and especially nail polish. Well, those gifts work with any girl. But if you really want to show her your love for her, write her a ro
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What do you get your 11 year old boyfriend for valentines day?

You shouldn't have a boyfriend at 11 years old, but if you MUST know, I would go with a gift card, or a candy basket. Maybe even a movie he has wanted to see or a CD he has be
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How to get an 11 year old girl to love a 11 year old boy?

you have to sweep her off her feet (NOT LITERALLYYY)but do sweet stuff for her but don't cling on to her PLAY WITH to other kids too not just her.bring her somewhere
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What to get an 11 year old boy for valentines?

Well it depends on the boy's personality i got my boyfriend a bear that says you'll always be mine and some chocalate i also wrote a song about him he thought that was the swe