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How do you write love in Egyptian Arabic?

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**Love : hob حب
**my love :
habibti ( for female ) حبيبتي
habibi ( for male ) حبيبي
**I love you : ana bahebbik ( for female ) أنا بحبِّك, ana bahebbak ( for male ) أنا بحبَّك
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How do you say goodbye in Egyptian Arabic?

Maa al salama is how you say goodbye in Egyptian Arabic.

Why do Egyptians speak Arabic?

Egypt and all the other countries of North Africa were conquered and occupied by Arabs after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Arabs brought their own language, customs, Musli

How did the Egyptians write?

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How do you write who are you in Arabic?

you write it like this; من انت and you speak it lik this ; men anta