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How do you write obachan in kanji?

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Who Is The Designer Of The Kanji Clothing Line?

Well Originally. The Kanji Brand Is Designed and Distributed From KenzWayFashion By: Akil McCoy, But The line is Expanded from different designers as well. But The Designer is

Kanji for akira?

  There is one thing I would like to first point out. There is no one Kanji for any name and the meaning of the name is based on the Kanji used in the name. My name, for e

How do you write Emily in Kanji?

Emily in Japanese is usually in KATAKANA, not HIRAGANA (if a  Japanese child is named Emily it will be written in  Hiragana/Kanji). Katakana is like: アイウエオ and H

What is 'hiragana' 'katakana' and 'kanji'?

hiragana katakana and kanji are the Japanese writing systems Ugh, I just hate people who answer but don't actually know. The three are all types of Japanese writing, true, b

How do you write Gracie as in the jiu jitsu Gracies in kanji?

Hello, there isn't a kanji for Gracie as Gracie isn't a Japanese name. To write Gracie in Japanese you would have to spell it phonetically like Gureishi and then write it in t

Write kristy in kanji?

  Errr... Kristy isn't a Japanese name, so it doesn't have a kanji. All foreign names are written in romaji only. クリスティー