How do you write obachan in kanji?

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How do you write Japanese in kanji?

There are a few different ways to write 'Japanese' in the Japanese language. Some of these are: . ??? (nihongo) - Japanese language . ??? (nihonjin) - Japanese person/peopl

How do you write thank you in kanji?

有り難う 有難う is commonly used as the kanji, but it is technically wrong. Most people will write this in hiragana only.

What is a obachan?

In Japanese, "obachan" means grandmother.

What are the basics of writing kanji?

Generally speaking, the stroke order is left to right, then top to bottom. However, different strokes have different directions and some Kanjis are made of combinations of oth

How do you write a-z in kanji?

There is no A-Z alphabet in Japanese. Their "alphabet" is syllabic, so it's each vowel (a-i-u-e-o) and then consonants with the vowel. For example: There are: a i u e o Then