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How do you write obachan in kanji?

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How do you write 1-100 in kanji?

1: 一 2: 二 3: 三 4: 四 5: 五 6: 六 7: 七 8: 八 9: 九 10: 十 11: 十一 12: 十二 13: 十三 14: 十四 15: 十五 16: 十六 17: 十七 18: 十八 19: 十九 20:

What does the word obachan mean?

'Oba-chan,' (also could be called 'Oba-san') means aunt in Japanese, this is used when refering to someone else's aunt, or your own aunt in a polite manner. Though this is rat

What is a obachan?

In Japanese, "obachan" means grandmother.

Kanji for akira?

  There is one thing I would like to first point out. There is no one Kanji for any name and the meaning of the name is based on the Kanji used in the name. My name, for e

How do you write Emily in Kanji?

Emily in Japanese is usually in KATAKANA, not HIRAGANA (if a  Japanese child is named Emily it will be written in  Hiragana/Kanji). Katakana is like: アイウエオ and H

How do you write thank you in kanji?

有り難う 有難う is commonly used as the kanji, but it is technically wrong. Most people will write this in hiragana only.

How do you write a-z in kanji?

There is no A-Z alphabet in Japanese. Their "alphabet" is syllabic, so it's each vowel (a-i-u-e-o) and then consonants with the vowel. For example: There are: a i u e o Then

How do you write Gracie as in the jiu jitsu Gracies in kanji?

Hello, there isn't a kanji for Gracie as Gracie isn't a Japanese name. To write Gracie in Japanese you would have to spell it phonetically like Gureishi and then write it in t