How do you write sick leave application in school?

How do you write sick leave application in school?
The Principal
B.C.M.Sr. Sec. School
Sector 32, Chandigarh Road,

Dear Sir,

I bag to say that, i am sick leave for one day. kindly grant me my leave.


Your Sincerely,
Bhavika Gupta
Class Nursery
Section Tulip B
Roll No 4
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    To,     The Principal, Nalbari College, Nalbari     Through the Class Master, Class TDC 4th SEM     Dated Nalbari, the 19th Mar   2013  (MORE)

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To, The PrincipleSub-Request for one half day leave. I beg to say that I have urgent piece of work at home. So, I cannot attend the other half part of the school today. Kindly (MORE)

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