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Social Security Number, also known as SSN, is a nine-digit number issued to track individuals for Social Security purposes. All types of Social Security cards show Social Security Numbers.
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How can you find Social Security numbers?

  Answer   Unless you're authorized to secure social security numbers, the only way to obtain them is through illegal activity. Social security numbers are among the

How can you get your spouse's Social Security Number?

Online services can help you. These websites work with the Social Security Administration so that employers may be able to verify if a person is eligible for employment. You c

What is the way to get the Social Security number?

Answer   You take your original birth certificate and another ID into the Social Security office in your city and they will issue one to you. You may want to check onlin

What if you don't have a social security number?

That would make you one of the very few people in the United States, who has not yet been made liable for and therefore not subject to any revenue tax under the so called "soc

Can your social security number be blackballed?

The US will sometimes flag a social security number as a suspected terrorist. Being flagged means you get searched rigorously in airport security. Some airlines will refuse to

What is Obama's social security number?

It is not the custom of any reliable fact-checking site, including WikiAnswers, to give a person's private information. Anyone's social security number should be kept private
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Who has 666 as a social security number?

If you mean the first 3 digits, the answer is NO ONE. It is one of the numbers that is never assigned to anyone, so would be invalid. Other numbers not assigned are 000, and 9