How do you you say tetherball in Swedish?

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I don't think there is a word for it so you can either use tetherball or make a new word. Tether = Tjuder (from Tjudra) so Tjuderboll would be a literal translation, it doesn't really sound nice though and noone will have a clue what you're talking about so I'd suggest you use Tetherball and then explain the game.
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How do you say do in Swedish?

Do = Göra In context göra means 'to do'. To say the word 'do' by itself but within the context of a sentence you would say 'gör'. Gör det nu. Do it now Jag vil

How do you say the in Swedish?

There is no separate word for "the" in Swedish. Instead the words are conjugated to mean the same thing. E.g. dog is "hund", and the dog is "Hund en"
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How do you say from in Swedish?

Depends on the context. Generally it's 'från', but sometimes 'av'. Jag kommer från Amerika. - I come from America. Hon tog det av honom. - She took it from him.
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How do you say what the in Swedish?

"The" is often contained in the noun (flicka [girl] turns intoflickan [the girl]); however, what is either "Va" or "Vad."