How does Italian religion affect its food?

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How does religion affect food choice?

Most religions specify foods that they believe their followers should not eat. Sometimes there is a time/day element to the prohibition and sometimes it is a blanket ban on a

2 exaples of how religion affects food choices?

in Hinduism the cow is considered sacred so hindus do not eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork because when Jesus cast out demons he sent them into pigs so they believe pigs a

How religion influences Italian food choice?

Religion has a big influence of the way Italians eat. Well not really, it makes no difference to them atall . Actually religion does make a impact on the way Italian eat. I

How does spanish religion affect the food?

Religion and itsassociation with food in Spain In Spain, Thereare many different influences on how the food is made and what isin it. One of these influences happens to be

How does religion affect the food you can eat?

Some religions have dietary restrictions. Here are a few examples although it is just a sample-- Judaism has kosher laws that forbid the eating of pork, non-fish seafoods,

How does religion belief affect food choice?

Religion belief does in fact affect food choice. Some people belief they shouldn't eat meat or dairy products because for many years they follow the same beliefs as their ance

How does the Christianity's religion affect the food choices of its people?

It doesn't. Christians have the freedom to eat whatever food theylike. Romans 14:17 for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, butrighteousness and peace and joy in t

How does religion affect your food choice?

This largely depends on which religion is being practiced. Some religions have food restrictions, while others don't. There are literally hundreds of religions with food consi