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How does Macbeth feel about his wife getting involved?

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Macbeth wrote a letter to his wife explaining to her all of what the witches had said. If he did not want her to be his "partner in greatness" he would have kept that knowledge to himself.
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How do the Macbeths feel after they rule the kingdom?

Lady M feels empty. "Desire is got without content." She is  unable to sleep properly. Macbeth cannot sleep either. "Macbeth  hath murdered sleep." He has become paranoid an

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What feeling does banquo express about Macbeth?

At the beginning of Act III Scene 1, suspicion.

How does Macbeth react to the death of his wife?

Macbeth's reaction to the death of his wife is very different from  what we, as an audience expect from a man who shared a very  intimate and close understanding with his be

Why does Macbeth fear Banquo and feel threatened by his being?

No logical reason, but then fear is not a logical thing. Although  Macbeth says, "My fears in Banquo stick deep," he is not totally  clear about why he is afraid of him. 

How did Macbeth feel before killing the king?

He felt nervous and guilty at the fact he would be taking the life of his good friend, he also felt good that it would bring him one step closer to having the throne and being

Why does Macbeth fear banguo and feel threatened by his ''being''?

There isn't necessarily a logical reason for the fear, but then  fear is not a logical thing. Although Macbeth says, "My fears in  Banquo stick deep," he is not totally clea

How does lady Macbeth feel about being queen?

Lady Macbeth loves the idea of being Queen, but believes that Macbeth is to "nice/weak" to be a King.

How does Lady Macbeth feel after murder of king?

At first, she is satisfied with her and her husband's conspiracy plans, because she is determined for Macbeth to become King and will do whatever it takes. But throughout the

How did lady Macbeth feel about killing king Duncan?

Exhilarated at first. "That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold" she says, and continues in this bold vein, mocking Macbeth "My hands are of your colour but I shame t

How does Hecate want Macbeth to feel?

The Hectate wants Macbeth to feel a sense of security by telling him half truths. By telling him he will be killed by a man who is not woman born, he believes that he is not t

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In Macbeth

How did Macbeth feel after killing King Duncan?

After killing King Duncan I (d. August 14, 1040) Macbeth (c. 1014 - August 15, 1057) felt that he never would have a good night's sleep and that he had done the unthinkable. S