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How does No Fault work if there are no injuries only vehicle damage?

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Most "no fault" laws apply only to injuries, so in other words, if someone else damages your car, you can get the damages taken care of by their insurance company (or use your ins company and they will go to them for you possibly).
Michigan is the only state I know of that is completely no fault, i.e. for property damage you go through your own insurance company
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Does no fault Insurance apply to medical claims only or is the collision damage 'no fault' also?

No fault medical coverage means only that the coverage will pay for an insured's injuries no matter who was at fault for an accident. This is the only coverage in which this

Who is at fault when your open car door is damaged by a vehicle pulling out of a parking spot next to you?

  Answer   Well it depends. When the door opened, did it cross the line into the other parking space? If so, then the person who opened the door is at fault. If the

Which driver is at fault if a vehicle was rear ended with only one of three brake lights working and no insurance?

Answer . \nThe presumption is that if you were rear ended, the other driver is at fault. The brake lights not working is a mitigating factor, but the bulk of the blame st

Please help. If you damage a client's vehicle while taking him to work and they do not ask you to pay for the damage until two months later only after you quit do you have to pay?

  Yes, you are still responsible for the damage. If you have your own auto insurance policy, it may cover this.   There is a statute of limitations that applies to most

Who pays for the damages to your vehicle if a rental car is at fault?

It all depends on whether the renter signed up for the car rental company's extra insurance coverage at the beginning of the rental. If LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or CDW (Collis

Does contributory negligence only cover personal injury or also damage to the vehicle?

Contributory negligence is taken into consideration in all aspects of the claim. I strongly disagree with using this tactic in not paying claims. A couple of insurance compani