How does Social Stratification affects Education?

Although we are not talking about a perfect determination, meaning that other factors in this relationship (the so called intermediate factors) have to be controlled in an ideal model the relationship is as follows:
The original status (the status of witch you start as a result of being born in your family - differences being obvious in this mater if you compare the chances of someone who starts out from a south African family or someone who starts from a north American family) regulates, or influences the type of education you get, which on the other hand regulates or influences the resulted social status.
By the way most social theorist agree that the structure of stratification is according to the concept of class (higher, middle, and lower) these being the categories of stratification as well.
I am going to exemplify this.

Lets say that I am the son of an Bank Manager, I will have the chance, because my dad has the money, he will afford to send me lets say to Harvard, where I will get a degree witch in the other hand is highly valued on the job market and will lend me a good paying job with a good social status.

On the other hand if my dad is an unemployed.... I will have to do with community college, or I will have to start working after high school whitout a degree, no degree no good job, no good job no high salary nor good social status.

This is the main idea, but of course maters are not as simple as they seem, if anybody wants to read more about this subject I recommend an article written by prof. dr. Traian Rotariu a professor of sociology who is interested in the mater of social mobility called The Role of School in Social Mobility.
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