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How does a Hindu reach Moksha?

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there are several ways to reach Moksha (liberation). Meditation, prayer to go or yoga.
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What is moksha and how does one reach it?

Moksha is the freedom from the vicious cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In hinduism, people are divided into different varnas, or groups in the caste system. When people are

Why do Hindus want to achieve moksha?

so that they can be freed from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth (samsara). Hindus believe that when they are freed from the samara (birth ,death, rebirth) they can be wit

How do Hindus achieve moksha?

There are four different paths to achieve Moksha which a Hindu can take. The Hindu can choose one or all four of the paths they are: 1 The path of knowledge - Jnana-Yoga Spiri

What Hindu ideas of dharma and moksha relate to the idea of reincarnation?

Moksha is achieving perfection, completeness of knowledge, which is  nothing but God, the ultimate truth. If you keep Dharma and keep  doing your Karma, you learn from your

Why every Hindu wants to attain Moksha?

Every one is searching for Moksha, they travel far and wide for this and even go for pilgrimages. While doing all this, first requirement is to find God, and then ask him the

How do Hindus attain Moksha?

The two primary forces of Human beings: To know what Moksha is, we must know that we have, 1. A mighty, inexhaustible and uncontrollable Involuntary force 2. A small, tra

What happens when a person reaches moksha?

A soul that acheves moksha is free from wants, fear, and pain.    EVENTS THAT OCCUR AFTER ATTAINING MOKSHA   We would realize that,  1. All the activities merge i

What does moksha means to Hindus?

The spiritual goal of the Hindus is to become one with Brahman. This freedom is referred to as Moksha. Until moksha is achieved, a Hindu believes that he/she will be repeated

Which religion believes in reaching moksha?

All most all the religions in the world talk about moksha or salvation. To achieve this one has to eliminate dual concepts and align or live with the fact that "I" am every th

How Hindu can reach moksha?

Through the ways of meditation, yoga & worship of Supreme God.  Also Hindu practice good karma to get Moksha (liberation).