How does a balloon mortgage work?

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A balloon mortgage is a short-term, fixed rate home loan with fixed monthly payments for a set number of years (usually 5-10) followed by a final payment of the principal.
Payments are usually lower with a balloon mortgage because only the interest is paid each month. For example, borrowing $10,000 in a balloon mortgage means that a large payment is due in one lump sum at the end of the term.
Note that if you cannot make the final payment or refinance the amount, you can lose your home.  
The reason for the "balloon" payment is due to a difference between the repayment term (time until maturity) of loan and the actual payment amortization (repayment plan).
With regular financing, 30-year mortgages will have a 30-year amortization (repayment plan) and a 15-year mortgage will have a 15-year amortization. With ballooon finanicng, the loan is frequently due (term) in 15 years, but the payment amortization is for a 30-year repayment. Consequently, at the maturity of the loan in 15-years the debt will not have been repaid, resulting in the last payment being significantly higher.
The benefit for this type of financing is that the borrowers have a low monthly payment. The downside is that the loan usually must be refinanced before the last payment is due (as most people do not have enough to cover such a high lump sum).  
This type of financing has put a lot of people in the situation that they have bought more home than they can afford and believe they are paying it off by making a low monthly payment. Meanwhile, when they cannot prove enough equity or if their future situation does not allow them to refinance, they end up as one of the very many who are being foreclosed upon.
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What is a reverse mortgage and how does a reverse mortgage work?

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Can you use a balloon mortgage to repeatedly refinance the same house?

Yes you can just keep on refinancing until you have reached the maximum of your home's fair market value. The fees will add up to a huge amount and you will never get out of debt. There will come a time when you default on your payments and the bank will take your home by foreclosure.

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Are balloon mortgage payments legal in Missouri?

Yes, they are legal in any state unless the borrower(s) can prove they were deliberately mislead concerning the terms and conditions of the contract or other fraudulent action on the part of the lender can be proved.

How does cosigning on a mortgage work?

You assume responsibility for a loan for a house. It is not a recommended thing to do, because non payment can affect your credit rating. Also, the amount of the loan affects your debt to income ratio, so you may have a problem borrowing on your own behalf.

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Similar to a purchase with a regular mortgage. The difference is that you need a large enough down payment to qualify, and you won't ever have to make a mortgage payment on the new home.

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Are balloon mortgages and straight term mortgages similar?

Not really...the balloon Note is due in a "lump sum" at a required time period. But it can have monthly payments and then "Balloon".... but a straight term loan usually is a fully amortizing loan with princiapl and interest payments made each month until the loan is paid in full.

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Can we refinance a balloon mortgage to a fixed mortgage?

Yes, usually through the lender that originally financed you. They want their money, right? So, if you cannot make the balloon payment when due, it is in their best interest to refinance you into an affordable fixed rate loan. This way, you can make monthly payments, and they get their money = every (MORE)

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How does a reverse mortgage work when you die?

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What is a reverse mortgage and how does it work?

In short, a reverse mortgage is a mortgage that does not require any mortgage payments to be made, and the funds received from the loan can be received via a lump sum of money, an equity line of credit, or monthly payments made to you from the lender. Most of these mortgages are backed by FHA's HECM (MORE)

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A buy to let mortgage is a mortgage loan that an investor uses to purchase a rental property for producing residual income. The loan amount and the interest rates are different than a conventional mortgage.

What is a piti mortgage calculator and how does it work?

The piti mortgage calculator is an online calculator that will calculate your principal, your down payment, your interest, your insurance for your house so that it makes it much easier for you to understand just what all the charges are and the cost of everything up front.

How a mortgage works?

It's a loan in which the house functions as the collateral. If you don't pay your mortgage (fixed amount agreed upon) then you lose your house (the collateral).

How do self certified mortgages work?

Self-certified mortgages are for those that cannot provide proof of income. For example, self-employed persons need to sign a self certified mortgage. It is similar to other mortgages in that you need to fill out all the paperwork, however, you need to sign an extra form stating that you certify tha (MORE)

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How does locking a mortgage rates work?

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How do loans for mortgages work?

A loan for a mortgage starts out with an application that includes a credit check which will help determine the interest for the loan. Once approved, the house becomes the collateral and all money loaned as well as interest must be paid.

How does a reverse mortgage calculator work?

A reverse mortgage is a program for seniors backed by the Federal Housing Administration that enables them to access the equity of their home without repayment. The mortgage calculator works by comparing loans. This program provides seniors with added security by acting as financial supplement for s (MORE)

How does a mortgage refinance calculator work?

A mortgage refinance calculator takes a collection of user-inputted data such as mortgage value, yearly dues, interest rate, and more. From this, the calculator determines how soon the mortgage will be paid off.

How does a let to buy mortgage work?

In regards to a let to buy mortgage, as long as it is earning income, a let to buy mortgage is bought on any property. Buy to let mortgages allow individuals to borrow money to rent out or buy properties with. They are known to make good investments despite the decline in usage.

How does no cost mortgage refinance work?

No-cost mortgage refinance refers to a situation where a borrower pays no closing costs on a mortgage that is refinanced. Typically, this is done because the new lender will pay the original lender the closing costs, and will still make a profit at the lower mortgage rate.

What does 'balloon mortgage' mean?

The term 'balloon mortgage' refers to a type of loan where one pays off the majority of the capital at the end of the term. You pay the interest in the meantime.

How do seller financed mortgages work?

The home owner actually "finances" or accepts payments fom a private individual, in a seller financed mortgage deal. Many homeowners are reluctant to do this for many valid reasons.