How does a cactus adapt in a desert?

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It all depends on the place it is in.
In a particular desert there is an ocean nearby. The water condensates and then the cacti take all of the moisture in. It keeps that for a long time.
Any water possible, it will soak up like a sponge.

Cacti can live in the desert because, inside of the cactus there is a water system which stores water into the cactus from the ground. The roots are very long but they don't go very deep in the ground they stretch out their roots across the earth. When explorers are in the desert they tear open a cactus to get water, but they had to be careful of those sharp spikes [Because cacti has a waxy covering!]

They have the really sharp spikes so no other animas can take the water that they struggle to get, or so no other animal will try and eat them.
in the body of a catus, water is stored as not much rain falls where a cactus so water is stored to prevent the cactus from dying out. there are thorns on cacti to prevent it from being eaten by a predator.
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How has the barrel cactus adapted to the desert?

Barrel shaped stems without leaves are water reservoir andphotosynthesize. Spines are dense, somewhat obscuring the surfaceof the stem protecting it from heat, water loss and

How do cactus adapt to the desert?

There are many ways in which the cacti plants have adapted to thedesert including needing less water to live. These cacti plantshave also developed very sharp needles to preve

How are cactus adapted to survive in a desert?

the plants growing in deserts have adaptations to prevent water loss for example cactus: 1. has no leaves to prevent water loss through transpiration. 2. stem is modified in

How does cactus adapt to desert?

v They are covered in a waxy substance that helps them keep water under the 'skin' of the plant. v Theirs 'leaves' are in the shape of needles which helps them retain water

How the cactus has adapted to the desert?

Cactus's have many adaptions to survive in dry, hot regions. Such as: - Being greyish/silver in color: To reflect heat of the sun and reduce water loss - A swollen stem: T

How is a cactus adapted living in the desert?

The Cactus' roots are extremely long so that they can suck water up from far away and search for the water. They also have a shallow root system to absorb surface water when t

What adaptations does cactus have to desert?

1) Water, they can live with out water for months. 2)Fruit bats feed on their pollen from the flowers to help photosynthesis. 3) Wind helps to disperce seeds. They are like

How Does A Cactus Adapt In A Hot Desert?

cacti are already adapted to the desert but its adaptations includeroots that either are spread apart to catch more water or are closetogether and very deep so that it can sna