How does a canoe float on water?

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Same way as anything else - displacement, in that the mass of water displaced by the canoe's hull is greater than the mass of the canoe itself. This means the canoe is effectively less dense than water and so has positive buoyancy and will float.
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Why do you float in water?

Answer . Because on average you are less dense than water. That is why anything floats on anything else. It is also true that the weight of the water you displace is equ

How do you float on water?

well, basically to float you need to keep on moving or when you are doing back stroke for instants to float you have to stick your belly and all your body up to float and on f

How can a cement canoe float?

Boats made of cement can float as can those made of steel. They do it by displacing water. See the link below for some history and reference to a book about cement boats.

Does water float?

sometimes . . . Its the only liquad in its solid form to float on its liquad form. This is because water forms hydrogen bonds, which form large spaces of air, creating the ice

How do aluminum canoes float?

Even a steel canoe will float if it holds enough air to bring its overall specific gravity below that of water (1 gram per cubic centimeter). Think about battleships; even wit

Why does a concrete canoe float?

Any boat made of a heavier than water material can float if it meets a few basic requirements. The first requirement is that the total volume of the boat must be greater than

Why is it that you float on water?

Because water is more dense then our bodies so when things are more dense they sink to the bottom and when they are less dense they float to the top

You are at the front of a floating canoe near a dock You jump expecting to land on the dock easily Instead you land in the water Explain in terms of momentum conservation.?

When you jump forwards you push back on the canoe, which then tendsto drift backward as you jump off. So, effectively, you move slower relativeto the water since the base you

What is the Hawaiian translation for a water canoe?

The canoe in Hawaiian: wa'a and Tahitian and Samoan: va'a. The smaller canoes have an outrigger on the port side; larger canoes may have a single or double outrigger; then

Why do canoes float?

Canoes float because the wood that they are made out of is solid on the bottom but hollow on the sides. Whether constructed of wood, sheet metal, fiberglass, or some compos