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How does a crocodile take care of it's young?

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it would taka care in its mouth when in dangerous.this is my servious.......
The bury them in warm moist sand. Some then hang round until the eggs hatch, guarding the nest and when they hear the babies squeaking, they go back to the nest and carry their young to the water in their mouths.
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Do crocodiles care for their young?

When the babies are born the mother picks them up with her mouthand carries them to the river or other body of water. When she getsto the river she will release her young and

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How does a crocodile care for its young?

After the eggs are hatched, the mother will find a shallow pond or end of a lake with lots of reeds where fish and small water animals dwell. She doesn't hunt and bring them f

How crocodile take care of its young?

Crocodiles are dinosaurs which lived millions of years ago. They want there species be safe for rest of life. First of all the female lays eggs and hides them in mud but somet

How do crocodiles take care of their young?

A mother crocodile will guard her nest against egg thieves. When  the eggs hatch the mother will carry the hatchlings to the water,  where she will protect them from predato