How does a father protect his kids from there mother who is abusing them when they aren't divorced yet DCFS is already aware of the mother but no charges have been filed yet?

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File charges, kick her out of the house, restraining order for you and the kids, then file for divorce. Restraining order is the key.
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If a child is 17 in North Carolina and lives with his mother yet would like to live with his father can he just move out without legal consequences?

\nThis is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply.\n. \nIn most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the abili (MORE)

If a mother throws her son out of the home and he is dropped off at his father's house but his father has no custudy yet what would happen to the child during this process?

Answer . In most cases (if the father wanted the child) the child could live with the father and the father should be seeing a lawyer to get full custody. If both parents don't want the child (because the child is willful and into one bit of trouble after the other) then that minor can become a (MORE)

Why would the mother of a sexually abused adolescent protect the abuser?

Answer . This is more common that one would think. Mothers are still just women, and sometimes loneliness and the fear of rejection are her top priority. They sometimes don't feel they can support their child(ren) or themselves and can only see a meal ticket walk out the door should she confro (MORE)

What happens if your father has passed away with no will and his mothers estate has not been settled yet?

Answer . \nThis can become complicated and should be handled by professionals. Someone will need to start the probate of the father's estate immediately, so that debts can be paid (including taxes), and father's remaining assets collected for distribution according to intestacy laws of the local (MORE)

How come Hitler was against the Jews when yet his mother was Jewish?

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How can a father protect his child from being abused by his mother?

speak to someone at the Children's aid society, or to the police, local hospital, and have the abuse documented. It all depends if she has sole custody or it's joint custody or even if the two of you are together. It is beneficial that if nothing can be done immediately that at least it's documented (MORE)

Can a mother take her kids on vacation to another state without the fathers consent if the divorce is in the early stages and not finalized yet but the acknowledgement of divorce has been signed?

This depends on the jurisdiction, but MOST states have a rule that says a parent can't leave the home state with the children with the intention of depriving the Court of jurisdiction over issues related to the children. Thus, MOST states permit vacations outside the children's home state, provided (MORE)

Does a mother have a right to keep a child from her father if there has been no custody decided by the courts yet?

Yes, but only if there is no order, temporary or otherwise, that states that the father should have reasonable access to the child. While custody proceedings are pending, there is typically a document issued that requires some sort of visitation with the parent that the child does not live with. If (MORE)

Is it the mother or the father abusing the child?

You have not given enough information about your situation foranyone to be able to even provide their opinion. Abusiverelationships are not identical, and the abuse can be done by themother, the father, or both, or brothers, sisters, other relatives,even unrelated individuals in the household. Do no (MORE)

Your wife and you agreed to get a divorce However neither has yet filed your wife is planning to move out Does the law require that kids go as well although divorce filing has not occured?

Until you file for divorce, or legal separation - there is no legal requirement as to where your children reside. And as you may be smart enough to comprehend - this divorce and mom and dad living in different homes, etc. is going to be very hard on the kids. Who gets to decide where the kids stay? (MORE)

Marsha and Marjorie were born on the same day of the month of the same year and had the same mother and same father yet they are not twins How is that possible?

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How can the father of a child get custody from an abusive mother?

Yes. The court can order it. Or child services can take the child from the abusive parent (by court order) and the other parent can file for custody. But it won't happen "out of the blue" without evidence. If there is gross abuse and it can be seen by any "casual observer" here, then social services (MORE)

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What are legal rights for fathers in Wisconsin if the baby has not yet been born but mother is in labor and adoption papers have not been cancelled?

I would think that if the mother and father are not together and the mother is willing to give up custody of the child to the father than the father would have rights to the child. If the adoption papers haven't been canceled yet they will have to be signed when the baby is born saying that the moth (MORE)

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How do we protect our family in court from a manipulative mother who tries to get her children to lie about abuse by the father?

I've been a Father's Rights Advocate for 20 years. See reference links below . Many think the courts are rigged against dads, but in reality, it is more about attorneys unwilling or lacking the knowledge to truly fight for the father's rights. This is why it is important to learn how to intervi (MORE)

Are you supposed to file taxes as married if your divorce is not final yet?

If on the last day of the year, your divorce was not final yet, your choices are: 1) married filing jointly 2) married filing separately 3) head of household (if you did not live with your spouse AT ALL during the last six months of the year and you meet all of the other qualifications for hea (MORE)

What to do when divorced Mother won't inform divorced father about child?

This depends on the type of custody arrangement and specific provisions, or restriction, of the divorce. If there is a legal obligation, than letters of intent to enforce need to be sent, similar to those used in denial of access. If ignored, take it to the court. Access to school records does no (MORE)

What are the consequences when the mother gives full custody of kids to the father if they aren't married but still plan to be together?

As the non-custodial parent you would be liable to pay the father child support. You would lose your right to claim them for tax purposes unless an agreement is signed. You would have no right to participate in any decisions regarding the children. If you end up not together, you may have a hard tim (MORE)

If the father can prove abuse or neglect by the mother can the father get custody?

Yes. As long as the father is not also deemed to be unfit. The factors used to determine that a parent is unfit are generally governed by state laws with child endangerment being the determining factor. The following include some of the reasons a parent may be declared unfit: . physical, emoti (MORE)

Can a mother move to another state with her kids after a divorce if the father has visitation rights?

With his permission but not otherwise. If you moving leads to visitation not working, you are breaking the court order. Answer No. The move needs approval from the court as well as the consent of the non-custodial parent. The move should be reflected in a modified visitation order or agree (MORE)

Can a mother file abandonment charges on a father who has custody because the father has not picked him up from a different state when the mother came to get him and father has no way to pick him up?

It would be cruel to file abandonment charges against the father simply because he had no way of picking the child up. Arrangements could have been made. It is time both parents thought of the child and not themselves. If the father tried his best then accept it; if he is a dead beat father and the (MORE)

Can a mother in Florida move if she has had no court ordered and has never been married to the father of her kid?

You have the liberty to move anywhere from Florida withing the continental united states, as long as you are not currently charged with a felony by a court. The courts could decide if you can take the kid with you if the father is unwilling to let the claimant have custody. Marriage is in itself not (MORE)

When mother lies to court about child's father abusing the mother?

The child's father should seek legal advise and have as many personal witnesses as possible as to how he treats his own children. It is not uncommon during an ugly separation or divorce for one or the other spouse to falsely accuse the other of mistreating their children and it's done mainly out of (MORE)

Can I take my kids if I am divorcing their mother?

If the judge decides that your home is better for your childrenthan your wife's then you can take your kids if you are divorcingtheir mother. However, if you just take the kids without firstgetting a court order, you could be in serious legal trouble.