How does a fuse box in an old car work?

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Where is the fuse box located on a car?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMost all cars now have 2 fuse panels one in the engine compartment and one inside the cab. Every manufacturer has a different location for it de

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for your car?

Answer . the best thing to do is call the nearest car dealer that sells the kind of car and ask them for a fuse layout your best bet would be to go there they should have i

Lincoln town car fuse box?

in my 95, it was behind a plastic door under dash to left of the steering column....which ios where most cars I have owned have had the fuse panel. Note I think there were mor

How does a fuse box work?

a fuse box works like this: inside the fuse is a switch like item what is very thin just like the thing u see in a lightbulb and when this is put in a circuit with an abusive

Where is the fuse box in a 2001 lumina car?

Open the passenger side door, there is a panel on the side of the dashboard (to the right of the glovebox). The passenger door must be open to access.. There are two more fus

How does a automotive fuse box work?

It's a central location for all electronics essentially. The main design of a fuse box is to hold fuses in a central location and a good testing/ diagnosing point for electric

Where is the fuse box in a car?

Depends on the car, and sometimes there's more than one. Often there's one under the driver's side of the dash, but they canalso be in the center console, or under the hood.

Why is a fuse box in a car important?

it runs everyting in yur car.from,fdan etc The fuses protect each circuit from burning up in the event there is a short in the system.

What is the work of fuse box?

In each live line supply either household automotive or even commercial there is a fuse which when the current exceeds that fuses capacity it blows thus protecting the circuit