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How does a garden grow?

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A garden grows by soil,water,and the sun!
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What can you grow in a garden?

  It depends the size of the garden, and where you live. I have a very small garden, probably about seven square feet, I am growing four different kinds of fruits, I live

What should you grow in your garden in the spring?

Potatoes. The reason for this, is the potatoes break up the hard dirt after the winter freeze and compression of the dirt. They also puf necessary nutrients into the soil for

How long does it take a garden to grow?

Can you list what you planted and where the garden is located? There are many factors that determine how fast it will grow including soil quality, temperate zone, and sun expo

What can a garden grow?

You can garden fruits, mushrooms and vegetables to feed yourself.You can garden to produce flowers and shrubs that look beautiful.You can garden to feed butterflies and birds.